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Bar Drinks


I know most people on this site aren't going out and getting hammered every weekend but when you do find yourself in a bar, what's your go-to drink? Personally, I go with a Gin Buck or a Heineken if I'm in the mood for a beer.


I don't do cocktails or mixed drinks. I'm more of a beer guy that's into craft brews and micro breweries. Being from San Diego, I'm kind of spoiled. Here, in San Diego we have two craft brew companies that are rated among the best in the world, Stone and Ale Smith. We have a bunch of other little microbreweries that are making a name for themselves as well...companies like, Ballast Point, Port Brewing and Lost Abbye.


Arrogant Bastard Ale FTFW


Sometimes you get the best of the Bastard and sometimes the Bastard gets the best out of you.

This pic was taken on my 27th b-day

3 x 22oz bottles of Arrogant Bastard and 5 shots = knocked the fu*k out! lol


Steinlager Pure.


double bicardi on the rocks with lime...or Carlton Drought on tap cant go wrong


ehhh at least say a good kiwi beer like montheiths or even tui.

james squire - amble ale, hop theif ale, golden ale...i could live off those 3

depending where we are at 151 and redbull brings out the beast lol


BEER?! What's wrong with you guys! You'll get moobs and grow a uterus!?

In all seriousness, there's this thing called a Bullfrog that I quite like. I also like Heineken and Guinness


Scottish whisky or Irish whiskey. Being in the UK, I am plenty spoiled by the brand names, but not as much as if I actually lived in Scotland. American whiskeys, not so much, sorry guys.


wow! thats crazy dude. I wouldve been done after the 2nd bottle and 1 shot.


Vodka tonic if I want to seem classy, jaeger bombs when I really want to party.


camomille :smiley:

by the way the thread is interesting so I can develop more alternatives !!!


I rarely taste the Jaeger in Jaegerbombs, it's sad since Jaeger tastes nicer than Red Bull


Belvedere vodka martini, shaken with an olive or 3.


JD & Diet Coke
Red Wine


Usually, it's Gin and Tonic. Calorie effective.

If I know the bar will serve me Diet, Whiskey and Diet.

If I want beer, I'll go Magic Hat #9 or Guinness 250.

If I want to get FUCKED up, I get Long Islands.

And that's about it.


Nice arms man.

Glass of Jameson with a splash of diet coke.


Double tequila & redbull = good times


Shock Top for beer, Miller Lite, Yuengling

Jager Bombs


from my bachelor party