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Bar Diameter


I'm in the process of purchasing some equipment for a home setup.

There is an excellent package I'm looking at that has pretty much all I need.

My only sticking point is the bar has a grip diameter of 32 mm as opposed to the 28.5 mm that is standard - it is a decent bar, rated to 1500 lbs.

Would this be a huge issue? I'm guessing for squats and presses it would feel a bit nicer, but for deads and cleans it would be a bit stiffer.

My training is fairly basic, 5/3/1 main lifts and varying assistance, but mostly BB and DB presses and rows + chins.

Just wondering if the thicker bar will be that much of an issue, or if it will actually make me stronger when using a normal bar to deadlift because my grip is used to the thinner bar?


Get it for squats, and maybe benching, but if you have extra money get a regular power bar and get a texas deadlift bar, the one with no knurling in the middle. A squat bar for deads suck.


After pulling with a DL bar, ANY bar but the DL bar sucks for deads. haha

OP, if you're only going to get one bar, get a multipurpose bar. I love the squat bar you're talking about, but only for squats. I'd never pull with it. Benching with it isn't too bad, however.

As far as multipurpose bars go, the quest Q-bar is an awesome bar all around if you can deal with deep, sharp knurling.


Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money to get a bar that is 28.5mm. To get a 1500lb rating at 28.5 mm bar you are using heat treated steel. The texas power bar also uses zinc in the metal which gives it the feeling in your hand of raw steel (No chrome finish) but wont rust. At 32 mm they are just using a larger diameter of lower quality steel. These are cheaper to make.

The Texas Power Bar is the best all around bar I have used so far. As noted a deadlift bar like an Okie is much nicer for deadlifting and the 32 mm bar can feel better on some people's back's due to the width. However at 28.5 mm you are getting a bar that works well for all 3 lifts.



Thanks for that, I'm willing to pay the extra for a quality bar that will last, so I'll go for the 28 mm one.


Yea SQ bars are great! If you dont use one, using a regular bar with heavy weight has a lot of whip to it. Thats a big pain in the ass, especially if youre walking the weight out.


I've got a piece of shit bar (came with the 300#s of weights from Sports Authority) and using anything over 200 to squat makes it whip a bit. I really want to get a Texas Power bar and use this crapper for DL's