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bar bending weight

heh heh, funny thing happened today that kinda made me happy in a way. i lift at a gold’s and today i was doing supramax eccentric deadlifts and i think i bent my first bar…it was a great feeling to see that thing not go completely back to it’s original. kinda tootin my horn…but more just happy that i’m makin progress.

i’m takin a three week break or so from westside style training and using CT’s superbeast template…i must say…i feel markedly stronger already…plus i’m three pounds heavier in less than two weeks!!! this is nice since i’m using Hot-Rox and losing some body fat as well.

next time bend the bar on the way up! :slight_smile:

what a shitty bar

Try to realize the truth… there is no bar.

very well put fnord. i can bend the bar on the way up by the way…but it’s never stayed before.