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Baptists Protest @ Green Beret Funeral



....even u have free speech, u can still be an asshole while excercising it.


The sad part is that this is becoming more and more common in Mass. It seams that protestors of almost any sort are targetting military funerals as a good place to "be heard". I have heard from several DoD police officers that I know that the hot bed is Cambridge. Many of them have to work security at these funerals because of it.

In fact one story was of a a young son trying to read something over his father's casket and finally starting to cry as the protestors continued to scream over his story. Additionally someone tried to run up and grab the flag that was removed from the casket as it was being presented to his widow.

These people are complete pieces of shit and the majority are overprivledged brats that have never had to suffer/want for in thier silk and rose covered lives so they have to find a cause and feel bad for everyone else that doesn't aggree because they "haven't thought about it or been provided the propper resources to understand the situation". So they jump out of thier Volvos and ruin someone's funeral and then go eat soy burgers and tell each other how much better they are then all the uninformed fools.

I swear it has to be the worst part of freedom and democracy, and to think that soldier died for it.


I don't even know what to say.



These people should be deported to Iran.




Seriously, I'm about as big a supporter of free speech as you could be, but there should be some sort of exception for liability for anyone who punches people who protest at funerals.


I feel the same way about free speech. The have a right to demonstrate but they dont have to be allowed to be near the funeral. Its a private affair, I dont think they should be allowed to be near the church or cemetery.

They want attention they can show some decency and protest an instituiton a base or the capitol whatever.

Oh....how does being a Baptist work? Are there different types? They all dont aggree with this guy right?


total pieces of crap




This is that Fred Phelps asshole from Kansas. He should be locked up.

TC started another thread about him.

I don't know much about Baptists, but I know they are not all like him.


"So they jump out of thier Volvos and ruin someone's funeral and then go eat soy burgers and tell each other how much better they are then all the uninformed fools."

I understand that you're trying to use this as a platform to denigrate liberal anti-war activists and their ludicrous tactics (I read the Herald, too). But I have to ask, did you read the article? Rev. Phelps's clique jumped out of their volvos and then retired to eat soy?! It just seemed like a weird rant in the context of the story.


Someone needs to follow these worthless fucks back home to mommy and beat them for their poor behavior, and beat their parents for having such an asshole for a child.


These people aren't liberals. They probably think of themselves as conservatives, but they really are just assholes.


he is baptist technically ...i understand though that hes extremely radical, and other baptists arent like that -- sry to anyone who got included unfairly with these fucks


the best part though, is how the boston police would play their bagpipes whenever the protesters said anything to drown them out. as andrew sullivan wrote on his blog "best use of public taxdollars that i can think of"


If anything the group of people responsible for this indentifies with the extreme religious right, zealots, fanatics, but this chump uses it as an insidious tactic to smear or label left leaning or Democratic people and the sad thing is many will eat it right up. "Yeah, those dirty anti-war liberal hippies"!

That group hates the US because of gay rights, do you think liberal minded peoples would be protesting against gay rights. Do some research before you make a stupid comment! Their from Kansas for crimony sakes driving Volvo's and eating soy burgers, I don't think so!


That pastor in that story is a Cock. Makes me almost ashamed to call myself a Christian. And I believe that soliders Die to Protect us from further hate expressed on our country, not because of sin. God Hates the sin...not the sinner. To say that we as a country lost so many lives because of social tolerance. Is Ignorant.

My Brother Firefighters and Paramedics died because of the same hate that their group is expressing. Hate is hate by any name.


I'm Baptist and I've never known anyone who would even consider such a tactic. This is obviously a misguided attempt by a crazy person. While I don't agree that the events of 9/11 were due to homosexuality in America, I can't say beyond a shadow of a doubt that I know for sure. Regardless, there are other sane ways to get your point across. Certainly not by crashing a non-homosexual event and spitting on the sanctity of life.


Ok maybe you didn't read the second line of my first paragraph. "It seams that protestors of almost any sort are targetting military funerals as a good place to "be heard"."

Additionally the the other protesters ie not from Kansas and protesting the war with signs such as "I support the opposition in Iraq" are from Cambridge. I am not sure if you have been thier or not but it isn't the hot bed of conservative zelots. I can attest to that due to the large number of people in Harvard Square on Sept 12 pontificating about the fact that the attack was the US's fault for the poor way they have been treating the rest of the world.

Yeah, that was interesting to hear.

By the way I never said that liberals eat soy and drive volvos. I said "overprivledged brats" do. Of course being a "chump, stupid comment maker" I wouldn't have been smart enough to make the connection.


The people that are doing this are asses. If they are conservative, liberal, libertarian, marxist, whatever. To turn this into a political debate is not the point. It enrages me to think that the family members of a fallen brother/sister I may have served with have to endure this. The bottom line is that it is wrong and about the most disrespectfull thing you can do.