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Banned Supps Illegal to Sell?


Hey guys Im just wondering...I have a bottle of Masterdrol and since this stuff is a banned substance, does that also make it illegal for me to sell (around the town or on the internet)


I could be wrong...but if it were legal for you to sell then it would be legal for manufacturers to sell. Therefore, yes it's illegal.


I have a question too. I know that murder is a crime, but will I get in trouble if I kill someone?


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You guys are dicks :slightly_smiling: LOL. Yeah bro, I'd imagaine it's on the same list as all the other oldie but goodies ala test, dbol, primo and now masterdrol.


Yeah you dont have to be dicks about it, a gym owner in my town told me that he was still allowed to sell out his last supplies, and i mean what else are you suppost to do with it ? throw it away ?


Take it easy monkey, we're all dicks here :wink: You can swing if you like.


Sorry, I forgot to put the little smiley face thing at the end so everyone would know I was just joking :slightly_smiling:


Pretty much. Them's the breaks. If you follow the rules, that is.


Do you think someone would go far enough on ebay to get you caught ?

Even so theres superdrol listings on there right now....except they have it labeled as Anabolic SD and they dont tell the name.


Somewhere in this world nuclear and chemical weapons are being sold. If someone wants to I'm pretty sure they'll sell Masterdrol regardless of legality.


Keep in mind that these substances are not only illegal to purchase or sell. They are illegal to possess as well. And although it doesn't seem fair to be forced to destroy a product that was perfectly legal the day before, you KNOW everyone would stock up like mad just before any bans were enacted so they can't allow grandfather clauses.

It still burns me up how these fat, asshole bureaucrats can sit on their lazy butts banning "dangerous" health products while they rake in billions in taxes on tobbacco, alcohol, fast food etc.