Banned Drugs and the USAPL

So recently it came to my attention that my preworkout (Total War) could possibly be banned in the USAPL. I found out that it is banned, and I’m 3 days out from my meet, however, the last i Used it was about 6 days before the comp. Would I still pass the pee test? Yes I realize this is a super newbie mistake :confused:


No idea about this stuff but someone is probably gonna ask: What ingredient/s are we talking about here?

EDIT: You probably won’t get tested though

It’s not really “newbie mistake”, Jesse Norris got suspended because of something in a preworkout as well. The problem is that a lot of supplements, and especially preworkouts, contain banned substances. At least some of them list the actual ingredients, others contain stuff that isn’t on the label.

Whether or not you pass the piss test depends on how much it takes to test positive and how long it takes for your body to break down the substance, it’s hard to say and you didn’t even mention the substance you are talking about. At the same time, it’s unlikely you will be tested.

My advice is to be careful what supplements you take if you want to compete tested. Either buy single ingredient supplements (example: I take caffeine, creatine, and citrulline malate before training, all purchased separately and also cheaper than a prewokout) or buy from a company that guarantees their supplements are free of performance enhancing drugs, but that is still questionable. As they say, promise is comfort to a fool…

One of which im sure is banned is higenamine HCL, didn’t have time to check the rest…

IT also had DMHA, I read that DMAA takes about 24 hours to get out of your urine. So I figure since higenamine hcl is like plant stuff and I haven’t taken it in a couple of days I should be good to go. And DMAA is more wild than DHMA so I could be good there as well…

If you’re going to cheat, cheat hard.


Chances are you won’t be tested unless you set a record or win your weight class but you still need to be careful. Like chris_ottowa said you should get pure individual ingredients or buy banned substance tested supps. I prefer to keep it simple and only use tested whey, casein, creatine and fish oil. I also quit preworkout and even coffee a couple years ago. I swear I lift better when I’m not feeling all jacked up.

So what you’re saying is that odds are I won’t be tested?
I’m going into teen 2 raw in the 74kg class, there’s only one other guy. Except he’s doing bench squat and deads. I’m doing deads only.

Well, technically you should just drop out of the meet. If they do happen to test you then you are going to get suspended (probably 2 years or something like that) so if you want to compete in USAPL in the future you should just obey the rules. USAPL was threatened with being kicked out of the IPF a few months back due to something with failed drug tests (I don’t know the whole story) so it’s possible that they are getting more serious about their drug testing. Here in Canada the IPF affiliate never used to test anyone except the top couple of lifters at nationals but now there is a drug test fee as part of the cost of registering for a meet and they are testing more people.

Remember, winners don’t use drugs.

For real though, I strongly advise staying the hell away from preworkouts, those are the supplements that are most likely to have banned shit in them. The one that made Jesse Norris test positive, Craze, was taken off the market around that time. A bunch of “natural bodybuilders” at the gym I used to go to were hooked on that stuff, a couple of the told me that nothing else really did it for them, Craze just got them extra hyped up. Turns out it had something similar to crystal meth in it. I tried a bunch of different crap, which was mostly just overpriced caffeine. Superpump Max must have had something else in it though, everyone I knew who took that stuff had significant strength gains from it. After about a month it seems like it stops working, like you develop a tolerance to whatever is actually in it. At the time I thought it was a combination of the stuff that they actually list, but when you look into it there is nothing that would have a significant effect. For an energy boost, anything beyond coffee, energy drinks, or caffeine pills is nonsense unless you want to take actual banned substances.

I thought DHMA was a typo, it might not actually be banned. It’s your call, if I was you I would just go ahead and do the meet and not take that stuff again. The dose in your preworkout might not even have been enough to test positive. On the other hand, it might have had some other stuff in it too. When you take preworkouts you are taking a risk.

More than likely not…unless as already stated you break some major record in your case. My advice is you might want to drop out if your that worried other wise you probably will be way too worried about being tested over preforming well on the platform.

Calling USAPL Anti Doping on you

In days gone by, it wasn’t unheard of for unethical supplement companies to lace new products so they create an initial buzz then remove the active ingredient after a few months.

First impressions and all that…

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Glad you did well… personally I would not in my view say you were doing much if any doping in the first place. Since the band substances are stimulants and you had not used them in six days correct.

Now that is what you call cheating. You shouldn’t advertise it. It wouldn’t matter if you didn’t win anything, but at this point it doesn’t really look good.

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Superpump max wasn’'t new when I tried it and I had heard of people having similar results a couple years before that. It actually did contain a substance that was banned by WADA, glycerol, but I read not long ago that glycerol was removed from the banned list. Glycerol was used as a masking agent.

To be fair, I don’t think a stimulant in a preworkoit that he didn’t even know was in there is that big of a deal. He quit taking it and pissed clean, that’s good enough for me.

However, this confused me:

What division were you competing in?

Yeah, but he did knowingly taking a banned substance. He’s just lucky he passed the test. There are plenty of athletes who have failed tests because of stuff in supplements, the difference is that they don’t tell everyone that they took something that is banned.

How am I lucky that I passed? I quit taking it as soon as I found out it was banned…

There is a difference between banned in-competition and banned at all times.