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Banned Biotest Supplements


Does anybody know which Biotest supplements are banned by the NFL Players Association? I'm guessing that Alpha Male is banned but I might be wrong and there might be other Biotest supplements that are banned. I know at least one is because Biotest is considered a banned company by the NFLPA and a company gets on the banned company list by producing banned supplements. Here's the website for the banned companies:



Probably HOT-ROX.


Just cross reference the banned substance list with the products and you should find out easy enough. It may be from the old stuff like when MAG-10 was still around etc..



How is Anabolic Xtreme not on the list? lol


The list seems to ban everybody. I wouldnt really worry about it.


For that matter, why is Beverly on the list? Dessicated liver tabs & protein powder are far from roids...Weird!