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Bankrollin' It

I’ll be 21 in two weeks and I have the urge to hit up a casino at 12:01 on the 27th. Bars and strip clubs are kind of old news, but casinos still have some shock value because I never tried to get into one with a “questionable” form of identification. I realize gambling can be a bad vice. I’m just wondering if there are any games in particular that give a player decent jobs. Blackjack? Baccarat?

Er, that should be “odds.” Yeah, I’m a jackass.

Well, the best odds in the house (short of card counting and poker) are if you bet the line in craps. Followed by red/black on the roulette wheel (although that depends on whether you’ve got just 0 or 00 as well).

Blackjack is good if you know how to play but that takes some decent memorizing, but you can learn a few simple rules out of any book on the subject that’ll help.


blackjack. easiest to learn and apply quickly.

I would say poker, although you need to be good with the reading of others and even better at picking out tables laden with idiots who are just there to give their money away.

Blackjack isnt bad either but you guys do realize that in vegas you get kicked out for card counting, and they watch for it a lot.

Do you live in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Branson Missouri? Blackjack is quick and easy. Watch out for hooligans trying to rob you when you aren’t looking.

“Worked” in a casino for a while. Saw people win the most money on mini-baccarat. People lost the most on roulette and blackjack. Just an observation.

The best odds are the craps table, if you place a pass bet with maximum odds. Then the come bets with odds, which is a very similar bet. There is no casino advantage over the odds bet so by adding odds to you bet you reduce the odds the casino has over you.

Avoid roulette if you care about odds, because the casino has a better then 5% advantage. These single 0 roulette wheels are rare in America.

Blackjack can be the best game in the casino, but you would need to study basic strategy. Some casinos allow you to bring a basic strategy card to the table, but you need to ask first. I would wonder if you could learn basic strategy in time. But once you do you can play for a long time with a decent bankroll and simple flat betting.

Don’t worry about card counting. Most people lose money by trying to count because they don’t understand the skills. The experts say to spend time in the casino playing with basic strategy only first. Card counting requires you to keep a number in your head that is constantly changing. The skill is easier then some think it is, but it is a lot harder then others think. You have to master the skill before ever trying it in a casino, and need to learn how to hide the fact you are counting. You wouldn’t believe how many people are kicked out of casinos because they mouth the counting while doing it.

That being said, for the first time in a casino, do not expect to win anything. It is so overwhelming that you need to get your bearings first. Take money you can loose, and just have fun. This means ignore everything anyone said about odds.

If you really want to get wild, go to the roulette wheel. (Yes, I know I said to avoid it.) You are allowed to put a bet on 1/3 of the numbers, (excluding the 0 and 00) and put a large bet on two 1/3 sections. You have a 63% chance of winning 50%. Then, win or loose, leave after one spin of the wheel.

Advanced skills involve learning to throw the dice (dice mechanic), card counting, analyzing a roulette wheel balance (this takes 24 hours worth of spins recorded to show a bias,) shuffle tracking, and card observation.

Then there’s a group of old ladies who go to the casinos and hit the slots. They find a group of progressive slots that are linked together and figure when the odds are well in their favor. They slowly take over the slots and will only move for a person in their group to take over for them. They play 24 hours a day (in shifts) until one of them hits the jackpot. Then they cash in, and split.

Hey, I didn’t even mention video poker. Often you are allowed to bring a strategy card to the machines. But you have to know which machine to be on.

Have fun, and good luck.

Get yourself a book and learn the basics of craps–hands down, the most enjoyable casino game and, if played right, very low house advantage. Stay away from the bets in the middle of the table (prop bets); they’re for suckers. But they’re fun, so if you bet them, realize what you’re doing. I usually set aside a small portion of my bankroll for them.

Once you really learn the intricacies of craps, every other game will seem tame in comparison. I used to be an avid blackjack player, and now I start to fall asleep after 10 minutes.

If you’re going to Las Vegas, Casino Royale on the Strip (next to Venetian) has a dollar game that’s a really good time. I can tell you more if you’re interested: I want more people to get hooked on the game so they stop replacing tables with slot machines! :slight_smile:


Bet on sports, best odds. If you give me $100 a week ill give you 5 locks every week. Youll win big.

I won on the roulette wheel yesterday, good old number 23.

Texas holdem is a great poker game, but you have to learn how to play otherwise people like me will take your money easily.