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Bank Robbery?

[quote]CrewPierce wrote:
I would counterfeit the money instead of robbing a bank. They only every check $20’s and up with the pen so you could simply use 10’s and 5’s and be good to go.[/quote]

Almost everyone where I am at is checking the $5 and $10 bills, too. Apparently someone thought such as you and wasn’t as discriminating with the way they disposed of the “money”.

[quote]robo1 wrote:

So unless you’re willing to devise some master plan Pacino-style (a-la Heat) [/quote]

De Niro-style.

Pacino played the cop.

Great movie.

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Mr. Clean & Jerk wrote:
PussyGato wrote:
fightingtiger wrote:

Finer details? It’s easy…just talk to Michael Bolton and that guy whose name nobody can pronounce. They’ve got it all figured out.

Samir nah…nagah…na…naga…not gonna work here anymore.

And besides, it’s just some mundane detail that always gets missed, decimal point in the wrong place (according to Michael Bolton).[/quote]

We might want to warn PussyGato about that “mundane detail.” She’ll thank us later…

When you think about, it doesn’t seem that hard…

I think a big part of “security” is the fact that most bank robbers are morons.

I have thought about it myself in a hypothetical situation but the only true way of knowing how well it would work is to put it in action and I don’t feel like taking such a huge risk atm.

You heard of the Lee Murray story?

I think the new bank robberies will come in the form of computer hacking, there is a hell of a lot less cash on hand and it is almost all in a digital form.

I also think some of the new drugs will begin to be used, drugs that can eliminate memory and cause someone to be completely submissive…obviously useful to anyone who wants to go with the “kidnap” method.

I think criminals tend to focus on banks too much, there are plenty of wealthy people with houses filled with goodies that have a lot less security than banks…not to mention you would be committing a lesser crime.

If my plans do not pan out and I end up a 50 year old man with nothing to lose, I might go crazy and try all of my schemes but I doubt it.

[quote]orion wrote:
Most bank robberies, around 80%, are spontaneous, i.e. a guy is deperate, has a gun in his car, thinks “what the fuck” and goes for it.


Apparently the thought of robbing a bank bubbled up while this guy was sitting drinking his coffee. This is how not to do the job:

Police: Coldwell decided on robbery while drinking coffee

New Hampshire Union Leader Staff
Monday, Jul. 9, 2007

Manchester: The man accused of robbing a Citizens Bank branch Saturday, with tree branches duct-taped to his upper body as a disguise, was arraigned this morning in Manchester District Court on a felony charge of robbery.

James Coldwell, 49, of 50 Lowell St., could enter no plea to the felony in district court, so a probable cause hearing was set for July 19. Bail was set at $10,000 cash/corporate surety, with conditions including no use of alcohol.

Coldwell, who was dressed in a simple orange jail outfit, did not speak in court, but the affidavit filed in support of his arrest shows he told police that he was drinking a cup of coffee about 7 a.m. Saturday at Lake Massabesic when he decided to rob a bank.

Before leaving the lake, he taped the tree branches to his body and then drove to the bank, at 1550 Elm St., and parked in the lot. He entered the bank and handed a teller a black plastic garbage bag, telling her to fill it.

But when he got outside, he said, he heard a pop and saw red smoke coming from a dye pack in the bag. So he dropped the loot and, after removing his disguise and and putting the branches in his car, drove away empty-handed.

Police released bank security tape photos and someone who recognized Coldwell, despite his leafy disguise, tipped police to his identity, leading to his arrest Saturday night at his apartment.