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Bang Entire US Women's Curling Team.


I'd even bang the fat one. I just wanted to get that off my chest.


More cushin' for the pushin'.






More -

So, they're not all that, but still "I'd hit it!"


was anyone else suprised that a girl who was involved in curling was cute? for some reason I would never picture a pretty girl in my mind when I thought of womens curling. I think of a fat, homely looking canadian or something. (JK canadians!)


I guess the mindset is its middle aged lumberjack type women doing this, not the youth of the Great Northern US.

Maybe Bodog can sponsor lingerie curling between Sweden and the US.


Hmm, I'm going to have to check out the Saint Paul Curling Club sometime. I've been strangely enthralled by the curling coverage. Maybe Minnesotans are predisposed to curling.


I think it must be the vigorous way they work them brooms :wink:


yep curlings in our blood.


I'd definitely let them play with my stones.




Hey, don't make fun of curling. Where else would you find Olympic level sweeping?

Now if we can get Olympic ironing, and Olympic vacuuming, we can have some Olympic wives here.


LOL, awesome!


This thread should have died weeks ago.... still funny though.


Burning, burning with desire!

You'll love this video:




But then they'd be over there competing in the Olympics instead of in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant and cooking us dinner. Where they are supposed to be!


I had to stop watching when the girls started to lip sync.

I'd think they had to be joking when they made that, but then there's the Superbowl Shuffle....



                tin can


I still think that Tanith Belbin is the hottest olympian I have EVER seen.