Just curious how everyone goes about attaching their bands to squat/power racks and the bench in commercial gyms?

I use dumbells…leg day I stack 2 and have one next to that I wrap the band under for extra choke…the stack is what I have closest to the rack and the songle is the anchor point and is pulled up against the 2 stacked…works good…I use a Blue, Green and Monster mini with a 120, 115, and 110…I wrap them all around the 110 then put the 115 on 120 and pull band under that and up to bar…for bench I generally double Monster minis and at the top portion of my stroke it slightly lifts the dumbell which helps me getting the weights right…I know at the top I have 100lbs a side and can plan accordingly…you can adjust similarly…use a dumbell that barely floats at the full extension and you know what tension you have for getting percentages right…

In a commercial squat rack you can use the safty bars to wrap around. these work good because you can put them anywhere you want in the rack. you can also go right under the bottom side supports of the rack .

Here’s how I do it, just make sure the rack is secured to the floor!! Put a pvc pipe on the lower pin so it can rotate freely, makes a huge difference when using higher bandtension.