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Bands: Which Ones and Where to Buy?


Hi there

My gym does have chains and also some bands for doing banded banch presses etc. But I don't like them. The resistance they offer is just not big enough and also their dimensions are strange (too short for most applications).

Which bancd would you recommend to work with? And where to buy them?

Would you recommend such a band set form EliteFTS?


Thank you very much, PA


I got mine through LiftingLarge and love them. You cannot go wrong with EliteFTS.com as well


Go with the EliteFTS bands


I have Elitefts black/strong bands for squats (resisted and assisted), gray/average bands for benching and deadlift (assisted on bench, resisted on deadlifting), and black/monster mini bands for bench (resisted).


Yeah, definitely only go with mini's or monster mini's (long or short) if you want to do band resisted bench...I think the only people I've heard of using averages on band resisted bench is Vinnie Dizenzo. If you get the shorts you can just put them over the bar and then over the handle of a 100+ pound dumbbell. If its reverse band, like Dixie said, lights and averages work great.


The jump stretch bands are definitely superior to the elitefts ones as far as quality and longevity, but elite is cheaper. I have some bands from each place.


Thank you very much! Just ordered a very nice set of bands from EliteFTS.
Cheers, PA


Could you describe the quality and longevity a little bit more? Is the Jumpstretch lifespan better in terms of 10 years or 2-3?



Louis simmons mentioned these in his videos. They are the ones i personally use, although i am a bit biased because i am originally from youngstown, oh, and could just drive over and pick them up.

I can only speak for the jump stretch brand, because i have never used any other kind. never needed to. I have mini's all the way through super. They were used at my college for every sort of training imaginable. We beat the piss out of those things. I also had the pleasure of training with some world champion bench pressers, and the would use these to do de-loaded bench with a lot of weight. The original set i have are the green bands. They eventually (have had them for seven years now, and still in use) loose a little springiness ( sitll use the same set currently for when i do speed or de-loaded benching. Still are perfectly functional), but overall, are very durable. Cannot say anything bad about them, great investment. Will not be disappointed.


didnt elitefts used to carry jumpstretch up until a year or two ago? im assuming thats what all the color changes were. anyway i have both older elitefts ones (jumpstretch?) and the newer ones and they both work fine. i have yet to break a band or have to get a replacement