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Bands Snapping

has anyone ever heard of/had happened to their bands snapping while working out? just curious

I’ve only heard of one case of this happening. But the bands were old and weren’t taken care of and already cracking.

I snapped a mini trying to triple loop it. Other than that, I have found some very small tears in a couple of bands.

By the way, I bought a complete set of bands, and like them, but I’m not going to buy another one when they wear out. I have found that I can purchase 2 sizes of surgical tubing for 40-50 cents a foot and make my own.

One size is 3/8 inch thick tube and is dead on with a mini if I make a 5 foot diameter loop. I can make 8 pairs of these for 40 dollars and 8 pairs is the more tension than 4 large bands and easier to add in increments and get up over the bar in the squat rack as well.

The second size is about 3/4 inch tube and thicker walled and is equal to a large so for 50 bucks I can make 8 large equivalant bands. I have also made some 1/2 size bands for shorter range applications and the rounded shape seems to be easier to loop around different attachment points.

I had one occurance of a band snapping. I was doing an extra workout in my basement so i hooked a strong band a hook on the ceiling (which i had done numerous times before) and i start to do some ab pulldowns. I do the first set, then a couple reps into the 2nd set the band snaps and i fall head first into the concrete floor with nothing to break my fall except my nose which i broke.

And I also suffered a mild concussion. Then I had a meet 3 days later. I am sooo HARDCORE!

so how long do you guys think that a bands life lasts on average?

I’ve already had to reds tear, and I’ve only been using them for a few weeks. Haven’t even abused them that much…

Shoulda gone with the jumpstretch bands. I’ve never had a problem with product quality from the efs site.

Multiple surgical tubes are safer, it is unlikely that they will all snap at once, also, the tube shape is safer than a band shape. Also, you can use 8 tubes of different lengths and further customise the resistance curve. To join them I recommend using a “tape knot” as used in rockclimbing.

Dry bands, or nicks, or oil on the band, these things can weaken them.

Some athletes use bungee bands inside a strong mesh so that when they break, they don’t whip out and take out an eye.

It is pretty rare for a band to break though, but you should be cautious. Or at least, not completely careless.