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Bands for Squatting

I’m wanting to start doing the Westside methods and want to get some bands. Dave recommends Jump Stretch Inc. Has anyone on the board here got their bands from them?? How much do they retail for? If anyone has ordered them from another company please inform me. Thanks.

i got mine from jump stretch. i don’t remember the exact price of each but i think it was around $80 or so and i got a pair of the light bands, medium bands and minibands.

I ordered my bands from jump stretch. I think the total for the three different tensions was about 100$. A pair of mini bands was about 20$.

what are the minibands you guys are talking about? In the articles I read, Dave lists three colors I think: Red, Green, and Blue. If you have the availalbe information, could you list each band color and amount of tensions that each one provides. Thanks. Also, how is your experience with their bands guys?

i beleive the light bands are pink, medium green, and heavy blue. the minibands come in different colors and are used for dynamic bench with bands, and many other supplemental exercises like dumbbell tricep extensions. i wouldn’t worry about getting the heavy bands at first unless you are super strong. i never even used the medium bands.

dont have them but mini bands are generally used on assistance excercises or if you aren’t all that strong.

call jumpstretch 1800 344 3539 and ask for prising. the minis come in several colors. the light band was pink and changed to purple.

topper makes bands but i hear they are different tensions so you need to adjust to meet tate’s reccommendation.