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Bands for Reverse band deadlifts


I'm looking to start adding bands, in particular reverse band deadlifts to my training since I need some work on my lockout. Which EFS bands should I get. Currently deadlifting 550+/squatting 450+ (haven't maxed out) lately. Any and all help would greatly be appreciated.


You lift a bit more than me, but anyway... I use average bands for my reverse band deadlifts and with them set-up to totally unload at the top (true weight) they take off about 100-115 at the bottom (this is using the band at its full length and anchoring it on the safety pins/bars somewhere around eye level). If it helps I am 6 foot 2 and pull in a narrow sumo stance. For me the average bands seem about perfect (lifts squat 405 and deadlift 505).

I did just what you are suggesting and added reverse band deadlifts to work on my lockout and it has certainly seemed to help and if nothing else breaks the monotony a bit, gets heavier weight in your hands, and helps work on speed off the floor.


Well most likely I'll be having the bands a bit higher then eye level as my rack has the pins at the top of the frame to attach bands to. I suppose I could rig it up so that they attach on the safety bars.


Reverse band pulls are great. Try anchoring the bands to the floor too and pulling against them. Makes you pull hard and fast the whole way and loads the top hard and fast. You may as well get a set though instead of just one pair. That way you can play with tension and deloading to change variables and have new options when you get stronger.


I've got short minis and monster bands that I pull against from the floor, just wasn't sure on the reverse band tension that I should be using. Dave Tate recommended I use average bands so I ordered a set since they're 30% off right now. I wish they had the whole band pack in stock right now and I'd of ordered that.


I pull in the mid 6's for the record, but personally I have found lights to be the most comfortable for me, also are you training with them at a height where there is no band tension at lockout or tension all the way through the lift?

I think the lights take about 115ish off at the bottom at the height they are at, I think the average bands might take off more like 130-150 at the same height, which I feel like would be an uncomfortable shift from say 400-550 at the top....

Best advice I can give is try the lights and the average bands out and see which ones feel more effective for you. Good luck and good pulling.


Thanks for all the input guys. I went ahead and got the average since that's what Tate said to get. I've got light and monsters as well so I'll probably try all sorts of different ones and see how it goes.


Get a pair of average and a pair of strong, add some minis if you have the cash (use them for other stuff).


Maybe I'm coming off as a total newb, but what are cons and pros of reverse band vs. regular band work?


reverse bands dont load tension onto the tendons the way regular bands do, as bands will pull you down, reverse bands pull you up, i find them much easier on my body and a better way of gaining the benefit of an overload at the top. I find regular bands better for explosiveness and speed. You can get carried away with doing reverse band work, as in some will have so much tension or weight taken off that they really arent going to benefit from it.


I think some of it comes down to having to stabilize the load more. When you are pressing, pulling or squatting against bands you have to stabilize the load much more actively (ie when you get off the path of the lift the bands will punish you even more by pulling you further of the correct bar path and this is hard on the joints like bignate said above), whereas when you lift with reverse bands they are even more forgiving than straight weight as they pull you into whatever bar path you set-up (you can almost thing of this as a much less exaggerated smith machine that gently brings you back to a certain bar path). Both are good for overloading the top of the lift and I would echo everything that bignate said as well: regular bands for speed and explosiveness, reverse bands do seem to feel better on the joints, but don't get carried away with too much reverse band tension.


When you all speak of too much band tension on reverse band work, are you speaking about using too heavy of a band? For instance using the average bands (115 lb tension/band) on a 225 deadlift. It would seem to me, that if you are doing reverse band pulls, find a moderate level of band, in my case average, and instead of doing 495 for reps, I might now do 600 for reps or whatever my grip/lockout might be able to handle.


So basically:

Reverse Band
-easy on joints
-great for lockout

Regular Band
-great for speed and explosiveness
-hard on joints
-stabilization, tightness, and form

Am I missing anything?

And LM, sorry about the derail.


You missed:

Reverse Band

Regular Band


Reverse Band DL's are the best exercise for improving your deadlift if your lockout sucks. The intial deload of the bands also helps explosiveness off the floor. Use Average Bands. The contrast from bottom to top isnt too ridiculous but you can still overload the shit out of yourself if you pull fast enough.

I dont know where this easy on the joints shit came from though. If you are working hard enough, any deadlift variation is going to feel terrible. Benefits of reverse bands that I have noticed:

Works the hell out of your grip
Teaches you to keep your back rigid through the whole pull
Teaches optimal hip placement
Makes your balls gigantic

As far as carryover, when I got a 900lb reverseband pull in a 7 foot rack in training, I pulled a fairly easy 804 and just barely missed 827. So youre most likely going to be 70 to 80lbs higher than our true competition max. This has been true for some of the other guys I lift with as well.


Any thoughts on what weight I should use when doing this in comparison to my regular deadlift?

I'm on 5/3/1 still and have been making great progress and would like to continue onwards with it until I stop progressing. Just did 495x4 on a 5/3/1 week so trying to determine how to reset my max's on it to use reverse band DL's for my pulling movement.


If you are using averages set up to about 7 feet, just add 50lbs and see how it feels. If it's too light, put on 20 more. So, try 545 first... Or just find a 1rm the first time to do the variation.