Bands Durability

Whats been people’s experience with the durability of Jump Stretch of Iron Woody bands? How fast do they lose their elasticity? Have they ever snapped?

I’ve had the same set of bands for over 8 years and they never snapped. They got looser over the years and were starting to fray in places, but never broke them.

I finally just upgraded my bands to ironwoody. Gave my old ones to my brother and I hope they don’t break on him.

I’ve had JS bands for a couple of years and they are still almost like new. I had someone tell me Ironwoody bands go faster, but I don’t know if that’s true. Just don’t let the bands touch oil and don’t store them in direct sunlight and you should be fine for years.

i also prefer the iron woody bands, although i think that is considered blasphemy in powerlifting circles. Either will last a very long time.

Be careful with your answers.

PGA is a T-doulostogina Bag.

ditto on the no oil, extreme heat or extreme cold. Wouldn’t keep them in a car’s trunk permanently.

Had my Iron woodys going on three years stiff going strong.

[quote]Phill wrote:
Had my Iron woodys going on three years stiff going strong.[/quote]

Do you live with Jessica Simpson or something?