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Bands as Eccentric-Less Alternative?


Hey Thib

I have a set of bands with different resistances on them and was wondering if this can be used at the end of a workout as opposed to the sled work you perform in the videos.

As an example, if lets say I perform all three variations for back and biceps but using a band wrapped to a post. Can this substitute the sled work you perform?

your advice is greatly appreciated and keep up the hard work your doing.

much love from Montreal


just make a sled. i made one and it was 100% worth the effort i put out, i just flipped over a step-up platform and put two pvc pipes in the bottom holes and put plates on it and attached a trx to it.


I use my 75# punching bag in my front yard. Just get what ever straps you think you might find useful.


hey guys thanks for your comments

building a sled isnt really appropriate. I live in Montreal so to pull out a sled in the middle of my street and start working out in the cold wouldnt be good especially since i would have to drive back from the gym to do this.


it was more focused on my back...but thanks for the advice..

anybody else?



I'm in Quebec, 2 hours away from you and do sled work outside... just wear warm clothes. One of my athlete from Alberta is doing it and they had a super cold period two weeks ago.

I have my sled in the trunk of my car and will do it wherever there is room.

It's just a matter of being willing to do what it takes.

BTW, there is no substitute for the sled when it comes to eccentric-less training.


^^ thanks Thib

i guess ill be looking for a sled somwhere