Bands and Powerrack

woo my full set of bands arrived yesterday from EliteFTS! I think the pink one has been replced mith a more manly dark purple one:) My question is how do u set up bands in a power rack for squattin on DE day. Cos we have to walk the weights back a bit unlike in a monolift. Do the bands want to pull the bar off the shoulders? What do you guys who use bands for squat do if you have no monolift? Big martin? Goldberg? BTW i squat 450… is 245+ purple bands a good place to start with band work for DE day? more? less? seems about there from the Westside articles…


I choke mine on dumbells and run them under the rack up to the bar. I place the dumbellsabout a foot or so from the rack(as you back out of it).

I would start at 135 for workout or two. If you have the tension correct(WTF) tension it will be shaky at first. Work up as you get a little accustomed to them.

How i do it…i take 2 100 pound dumbells and lay the side by side then i take a board (the same size board you use for board pressing)…push it flush up against the far side of the outside dumbell…then choke the band through that base it provides a boat load of tension…i would do what irondoc says i dont knwo if you have to stay with 135 the whole session but it is very difficult to squat with bands at first if you have them chocked correctly with good tension…usually you will get really shakey and unstable…i would really work up for your first session and just get the fell of them…start out with the bar and make tiny (10-20 pound) jumps like max effort day for maybe like 10-12 sets so that you can get the feel of them and learn to stabilize under them…bm

We simply choke ours around the bottom of our Sumo Power Rack. If you have a regular power rack you can use 2 heavy dumbells side by side on each side of the rack. Our band placement is in about the middle of the rack so the bottom of the bands are perpendicular to our shoulders when we sit back on the box. BTW with a 450 lb. squat, I think you want to be working with the green (average) bands. 245+bands may be a little much for you to start off with until you get used to the pull of the bands. Also, check out this link. It gives an estimate of the band tension for the squat.

Wow thanks for the quick replies. Ok so to confirm, i will be inside the powerrack. the dumbells will be about 1 foot from the vertical where the bar is initially. The bands are single (not doubled over themselves) from the dumbells to the inside of the bar sleeve. just a question, why cant i just attach the bands at the bottom to the base of the power rack 1 foot from the vertical? there is a front-back horizontal piece about 3 inches off the floor? is it because the bands will be too loose?

thanks again!

When you get it right, you’ll know it. The tension should surporise you when you unrack the weight.

True dat, Iron Doc!

Felt like I was riding a horse the first time I did these!

Captnj…99% of all powerracks i have seen do not have a wide and thick enough base to get enough tension…bm

roger that BM. thanks everyone foyour advice. ill tell u all how it went today! goin later:)

You might want to learn how to arch the weights out instead of walking it back. I have video of me doing this if you want to contact through pm. I think 245 with purples will be ok for you to start. It wont be long though and you will need a green band. Here is a pic of my setup. its kinda hard to see though. Its a blue and green choked around the base and a db.

thanks goldberg. I have been trying to arch the weights out more lately. Im quite comfortable with that. hey if youve got avideo that would be great. check yr PM i sent you my email addr.


Thanks again for all the replies. I think i got the arching thing down. Thanks goldberg. I did 8x2 or 245 + a purple. Have to say that it was not that hard and i had pretty good speed… should i increase the weight or go up to a green band? Im leaning toward green band.
Sorry Goldberg… i dun use AIM, only MSN messenger and ICQ.

I prefer putting the band at where my toe is when I squat.

Re how much weight to use. I have had great success cycling my weight. 50%, 52.5%, 55%, 57.5%, and 60% off your last competition max. Figure out your volume and keep that pretty consistent for all your DE workouts.

Re what band to use. This can also throw off your %, that is why it is not a rule. If you are slow off the box and fast at the top, lower the weight and put a thicker band on. Fast off the box and slow at the top, just the opposite.