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Bands and Chains

I was wondering if anyone has had any experiances with bands and/or chains. Do they provide any greater gains in explosive power for sports? Thanks

The great Nick Kelly has endless praise for bands and chains, and uses them with the athletes he trains at CSU. Nick are you out there?

yes, bands and chains provide greater gains in expolsive power is used properly.

Bands and Chains are the absolute best thing you can use for explosive power, at least in my opinion. They force you to accelerate through the range of motion because of the fact that they increase in resistance through the ROM. The bands will also give you an overloaded eccentric movement and cause a stronger stretch reflex, almost like a plyometric effect. If you decide to try bands don’t use them for more than 4 weeks in a row, they’re extremely hard on you. The chains won’t cause those problems, but you still want to cycle chains in and out. If you have any questions let me know.

Can you guys recommend any particular bands? I train westside style but without chains or bands. I train alone in a gym thats not hardcore so its a pain to bring my own chains with me and set them up each time. I was thinking about some quick easy to set up bands.

I use jumpstretch bands, you can buy them through Dave Tate’s elitefitness. The bands are practical and lightweight, so taking them into you’re gym shouldn’t be a problem. All you need to put them to good use in a westside program is a power rack, or you can anchor them to DB’s on the floor.