bands and chains

Hey I was just wondering if it would be of use for athletes such as boxers or basketball players to use bands or chains in their training? Do they really need that kind of lock-out strength?

I think I remember reading that the Jump Stretch bands were originally developed for basketball players. But the answer is yes bands can be beneficial to boxers and basketball players as they can also be used for developing speed strength, flexibility, lockout strength, thickness and mass, and they are therapeutic. Check out Dave Tate’s site at

if you want to get faster and stronger, use bands in your training.

I think training with bands and chains would be optimal for a basketball player. Improvements in vertical jump height could be acheived much faster with the use of bands on exercises such as squats and deads.

Accomodating resistance is beneficial to anyone who lift weights. Athletics are about exerting high amounts of force is short periods of time, and that is exactly what the bands will teach you to do.