Banded Work as ME Move?

Currently running WS4SB and am ready to switch my ME upper move. Was thinking about using double banded 2 board for 3 weeks. Been using banded box squats for the past 2 weeks with pretty good success so maybe this is a pointless question, just wondering if anybody has used banded bench as a ME move and what y’all thought of 'em. Thanks.

Personally I don’t care much for banded ME movements on upper (find they just beat me up too much). If I’m looking for a ME upper movement with accomodated resistance than I’ll go against chains (and usually 1 or 2 board).

That’s what I was wondering. My elbows have been a little janky lately and I’m not trying to make it worse. Now I just need to find some chains. Thanks.

If you do do this, I’d limit it to one movement every 4-5 weeks so as to keep your elbows in tact.

For clarification, are you saying if I use it to ONLY use that one move with bands for whatever duration that mini cycle is and keep bands away from everything else?

I agree with not doing it everyweek. I love benching against bands but it does tear shit up. Reverse bands and chains seem much less stressful.

For someone who doesn’t have chains, are there any substitutes or am I gonna have to hit a tractor supply store?

i agree about benching against bands. they can be tough on the joints although i do like them for speed work. for ME work reverse band, chains and foam press are my favorite variations.

When I was training westside, I had to completely cut out any band bench press work cause they fucked up my forearms/elbows too much.

I was able to use chains comfortably, though.

Reverse bands are fine, too.

So basically what I’m hearing is the risk isn’t worth the reward. Thanks for the feedback y’all.

Rev band work is fine for ME work, regular band work just simply beats ya up.