Banded vs Reverse Banded Deads

Which do you prefer? And why?

Targeting lockout weakness (block pulls worked but fkt my back). In my head the weight should be the same but from experience I remember banded kind of makes the lockout bar path feel weird…which I think might be a good thing.

I love the reverse band deadlifts. Set the bands to where it helps up to about the mid shin or knee level and then your pulling up to lockout

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I used to love reverse bands (still do) but band resisted just have a different feel.

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So reverse bands is like slingshot. What would regular bands be good for?

I can get comfortable at the top with reverse bands overload. But I can’t with the bands. I feel like my posterior chain stays engaged while in lock out.

Both technically make it harder closer to lockout but normal banded will also make it weirder where as reverse bands will feel more natural as the bands release.

Does this carry over well? Like when you get rid of the bands your posterior chain is still engaged?

Nobody has suggested it so it may be crazy, but you could try odd angles also: like down bands but pulling forward, or tie a band around something behind you and step into the band with it around your waist, so you have resistance throwing your hips.

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not at all and I love the idea of having the band pulling me forward!!

If you use smaller bands pulling downward you can fold them over or double them up and get tension that goes from the start and increases dramatically at the top. Like more of a difference between the weight at the bottom and the weight at the top than if you use reverse bands.

For me it’s huge tension just as I pass my knees. It feels like the bar will rip out of my hands but my brain won’t let me drop the bar. So I lock the bar out really fast. Like Marc mentioned, posterior chain engagement, stabitily through the lats, leg drive all happen dramatically and quickly to “get under” the bar in the fastest way possible with the shortest bar path possible. It’s crazy.

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I have heard of people doing that to teach you to engage your lats.

I hurt my back doing high rep sumo RDLs like that. My adductors on one side were tight and I think maybe my hips weren’t locking out evenly which led to the back issue, but I have also tried doing them with a conventional stance and with a heavy-ish weight it feels way harder on your back than a regular RDL or deadlift. You have to be careful to keep your back neutral, which is easier said than done because the band around your waist makes the movement feel very different.

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I went with reverse bands because that is the set up my gym was compatible with.

I only got 4 reps with 135 because my top set almost killed me. 135 on the bar, it was like 20lbs at the top LOL. But I loved how it felt in my hamstrings and glutes.

I might be able to double over the bands (like Flats said) for normal banded deads but the bands i got are hella strong for that.

I’ve seen a few coaches do this and I’ve done it with rdl. It does engage glutes well. I wouldn’t do
It with max deadlift loads but I’m sure some have.

I feel like it did. I was having issues with the last 30% of the lift as that’s where I’d fail at. I was able to break a plateau or two when I started using these. I’d also feel my grip challenged more as well with band resisted.

Don’t get me wrong I like reverse bands too, but if I was going to target overload and lock out for myself (opposed to another lifter) I’d use band resisted.

Me too and thank you. I am going to have to find a way to program it.

What set up are you useing?

I was just rotating variations kinda like conjugate except I was just working up to 2-5 reps at rpe 9 leaving one I. The tank at least. Then doing down sets based on that. That’s nothing new and I know ppl have been doing that for years but it worked well.

I’ll say that I wish my back off sets were more CAT sets though opposed to just performing the reps as I’ve been getting stronger using really light weights the last few weeks.

I rotated pulls with pause above knees, banded pulls from the floor and comp pulls. I rotated between 4 reps schemes so o got a variation of loads. Clearly this was all to target my weak points but I hit a new comp 5 rm after 12 weeks.

Monday - Lighter Squat
Thursday - Heavy Squat
Saturday - Super Light Squats + Heavy Deads

I can’t do backdowns after heavy deads…I can’t do anything after that so I am thinking making Monday lighter and putting heavy Deads on that and Banded Deads on Thursday.

I am also thinking about leaving it as 1st split and rotating deads between heavy comp and banded.