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Banded vs. Reverse Banded Bench Press for Strength and Speed

Banded vs. Reverse banded? Which helps build strength and speed with bench press?
I feel like hanging bands from the top of the power rack and putting them on a bar can help me grind out better than putting them on the bottom. Any opinions from bench brahs in here? Trying to break out of a plateau

Either and or but there’s probably better options than throwing bands and chains on stuff (Yes I’m a Westside hater pls don’t flame).

Some things like: perfect technique, target weaknesses, program properly, get hooge/r, do more e.g. volume, frequency etc., do less e.g. lower intensity to a weight where you can practice form or in the unlikely event you are overreached constantly lower total work to allow for better recovery and maybe most importantly patience.

Will be specific to you tho so maybe a look at your technique, diet, physique, fatigue management or programming will point us in the right direction.

This isn’t exactly the most goal specific question. Where’s your sticking point exactly? Assuming that you are probably a raw lifter, there are probably better options, than resorting to accommodating resistance right now. Not saying that it get work for a raw lifter, as it can and has for me somewhat in the past. Only time I consider using reverse setup is to overload the top ROM and be able to still move a considerable amount of weight, while taking some stress off the shoulders, but I’ve had a slingshot for awhile now, so… You could also press from high pins or boards, but reverse bands will allow you a full ROM and would allow for the same starting position and technique. My bench and particularly squat benefit from speed work. I just can’t stand to setup bands anymore these days. The over speed eccentrics is what benefits me most. If you are sticking anywhere below or at your elbows breaking 90°, like most raw lifters, I would consider spoto presses, long pause and pressing off pins first and concentrate on building starting strength.

Bands might have some benefit but they are not going to be the main thing to get your bench moving again. Is your technique solid? What is your height and weight? What is your current bench programming like?

In my opinion the future method Or reverse bands are ablout useless. I don’t know why but I never see anything from them. How ever from banded benches and chain benches I have seen a good bit of carry over. Other than trying to look cool I don’t see much of need for reverse bands.

With that being said making sure tech and hammering weaknesses will carry over much more to yout bench than bands or chains unless your triceps and lockout is the honest problem.

I tried these for squats a couple months ago and felt like I got nothing out of it except extra fatigue. There are some well known lifters who like them (for squats) like Brandon Lilly and Mark Robb, but they seem to be the exception. As far as overloads to make the weights feel lighter next time, you could probably get at least the same effect from walkouts/holds with 100-110% 1rm

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