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Banded Push-ups with Weighted Vest to Help PT Score?

So I am active duty military, (army medic) and I currently have a PT score of 280/300. My PT scores are as follows: PU-64/75, SU-77/80, 2MR-13:20.

My question is regarding whether or not adding bands to my pushup routine along with the weighted vest I already wear would help supplement my number. I’m a tall guy (6’3) and I do full ROM reps (chest to ground) so my weak point is locking out at the top of each rep.

The idea is that the bands would help add more resistance on the way up allowing for my raw speed to increase per rep. I was pondering the idea of integrating the bands for 3-4 sets out of my 6 total. (Right now I am using the Mountain Tactical Institute APFT plan which has you do 6 sets of pushups with 30% of your maximum reps for a total of 150% of your max).

Any idea on this would be greatly appreciated.

Work on triceps. Try addint this once or twice a week( not to failure)…