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Banded Landmine Deadlift, Need Help Feeling the Glutes Work

Hi, I tried out the banded landmine deadlift today. I was having a problem feeling it in my glutes and more in my hams and upper back. I found it hard in that the movement doesn’t come all the way up like a regular RDL. Do you have any tips for keeping proper form?

That’s your cuing.

You need to think about getting the butt pushed WAY BACK. It sounds like you’re keeping the legs too straight, which is why you’re feeling it in the hams and low back, i.e. almost like a true stiff legged deadlift.

But back - chest into the wall in front of you.

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I played around with the position for my second session and was successful. The issue was exactly what you’ve just described. I programmed all the exercises as one glute day and it’s brutally effective. Absolutely love it! Thank you so much for the article, exercises, and your advice!

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