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Band training


Hello all, I was curious who else here uses bands as their primary means of training. I did a search but the threads I've seen all seem to be about using bands as supplements to normal weights. I bought a good set of bands about a year ago and found that they are a great way to train. The only time I go to the gym any more is to use the treadmill, since it's too damn cold outside to enjoy running. Not saying I couldn't benefit from doing certain exercises with free weights, it's just that I can do pretty much everything at home with the bands. I only started lifting weights a couple years ago, so I'm a still newb, but I feel that the bands have made it much easier to target certain muscles that I was having trouble with in the gym with regular weights or machines.

For example my upper chest, which has lagged behind for so long, is now exploding since I figured out how to effectively target it. Incline bench never seemed to really do anything for me, and I couldn't put the chest machine to full use since it seems like my arms are too short to effectively use it, but with the bands I can position myself perfectly to target that area, and I can adjust my position, distance from anchor point, etc to get exactly the right amount of tension and angle of attack. I put a strap around my arm at the elbow to attach the band, and I can isolate that muscle no problem, without my forearms/hands/etc coming into play and screwing up the mechanics.

So anyone else out there using bands and loving them?


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Sorry. I looked through the various forums and this seemed like the most relevant. Which forum would be more appropriate? Thanks.


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lol...how creative. This thread was actually intended for serious discussion...not for smart asses with no clue to weigh in with their ignorance. Thanks for your contribution though. :slightly_smiling:


You're telling me there isn't a single person here who has done serious training with bands? Like I said, for the past year I've done all my training with bands, and I've made the most gains since I switched to them. Granted, some of the gains during that time frame came from simply learning more about my body and HOW to work out, but the fact remains that this is an extremely versatile and useful training tool. They aren't the end-all and be-all of course, but I've yet to find a single muscle that I can't isolate and work the hell out of with this kit, and it sure is convenient to have an entire gym that fits in a small bag. I'm no Ronnie Coleman, but I'm not some skinny ass kid chasing a 6-pack either. I work my ass off just as hard as anyone here, I eat, and I've gained consistently. Isn't that the goal? If what I'm doing works, then isn't it a legit way to train? So why is this thread relegated to the Beginners section when clearly bands are not just for beginners?

Is there anyone who'd like to make a positive contribution to this thread, or should I just pack it up and go home?


Sorry man.

I use bands for my post-rehab clients, for pre-exhausting, and for increasing bloodflow to certain areas.

The bands get me a nice pump, but I would never switch out a weight set for them.


I've never really trained with them exclusively, though they can be extremely fun & useful (especially for home gymers like myself).

To really get the most of of them, you need to use them in conjunction with free weights though IMO/experience.

Also, for leg training (in terms of practicality) their is only so far you can go with them.

Band stomps, stiff-leg press downs, abductor/adductor work leg work, reverse band bench presses, pull-overs, scarecrows, seated shoulder presses + a lightly>moderately weight bar etc would be some of my favourite movements.

OH & band pull-aparts.


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that's like saying to get the most out of no-xplode you should use it in conjunction with steroids.


So if I use bands I might one day look like this...


Band training? Hellz yeah!