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Band Training

Does anybody use bands for training.I like them for box squats and dynamic day on bench.They have improved my (RFD).I also like to throw them in on arm day ,they take alot a stress off my elbows.

peace out

Yes, im using them for DE squats and DE bench as well. The bench is a bit more taxing on my joints with the bands than the squats are, so i’ll be likely using bands every other week with bench. And as for squat, I think I can get away with using them 3-4 weeks straight.

I use bands often. lots of reverse blues/greens on max day, and I cycle the minis in on speed day. Reverse bands aren’t tough on the joints like from the floor. I even use them for accessory lifts from time to time. If you get creative enough you can use them on almost any assistance exercise.

I love bands, I like using greens and purples on ME squat days too, but only when I am squatting free.