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Band Tension

I have recently started using bands and have a question about tension. I have iron woody bands. The green striped ones say 50-120 lbs.

What does this mean. 50 lbs moderately stretched and 120 lbs stretched as far as it will go.?

What is the proper protocol when using bands?

It means stretched at about 6 feet they will be about 120lbs of tension.

I have a few sets of IW bands. I’ve had them for about a year and a half, they have held up well. Woody makes a fine band. However, I suspect you would have to torque the hell out of them to get to the higher number they give as its resistance range. I have some of the black bands.

In using them in squat and with the bottom choked around dumbbells on the floor, I figure they are about 100 lbs each at the top. My green bands, set up the same way are about 80 at the top. (I am about 6 foot 4.) This is pretty consistent with how the comparable Jump Stretch bands are- i.e. IW green is about like a JS green, IW black is about like JS black, etc. Maybe if the bands were doubled you could get to the top values that IW boasts.