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Band Tension

Just wondering if anyone waves band tension for DE squats. I don’t mean with a circa max phase. I just mean throughout your normally DE squat cycle, if you do, let me know how it worked

we have been using something like Jim wendlers squat training a diffirent perspective article he outlined at EFS, we have been alternating the band tension each week with a deload week, something like this
week 1 blue and purple 5setsx2reps
week 2 deload blue band 8x2
week 3 green band and 2 purples 5x2
week 4 deload green band 8x2

week 5 start over

the problem is we have a bunch of young guys down here and we find ourselves competing and pushing ourselves that sometimes we go up in weight or add a little extra band tension on a few of the last sets because some one dared me to or something, overall the squat moves very fast out of the bottom and slow at top, wich is what we are after because most my guys are thick hipped guys who usually blow out of the bottom of the squat and miss at top, we really got this idea form reading over at brent mikesells site. the squating is going great though my max effort work I have been using triple a lot of the time to ease up on the body because of the band tension

dirtydan, we like to do that at our gym a lot of the time. Although I haven’t done it exactly as laid out, here’s what my last regular squat cycle was supposed to look like band-wise:

2-Blues, purples
3-Blues, purples
4-Blues, purples,
5-Greens (de-load)