Band Tension Purchase Question

Looking to pick up some bands for the first time, curious what level I should start with. I’m not that strong (355 bench, 410 squat, 530 deadlift) and wondering if I should just stick with the jump stretch mini, or venture towards the monster mini or even the average.

I would get all 3, the minis and monster minis will be good for bench and the average for squat.

Cool, thanks for the input.

I think the average bands would be good for an ME movement, but the tension might be too much for dynamic work. I’d probably lean towards getting the minibands and some light bands. Use the minis for your dynamic bench and the light bands for your dynamic squat. As your squat increases, you can always add the minis to the lights.

If money isn’t an object, then get the average bands as well, but if your on a budget, I’d save some money, and just get the lights and minis for now.

Thanks for the suggestion dude. I went and did just that.