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Band Pull Aparts


coach, i know your big on doing as much work as possible, without hindering your ability to recover. Ive read that you try to throw in several extra sets for various body parts throughout the day. Im not sure if youve touched on this, if you have a I applogize. My question to you is, would doing band pull aparts in the morning and night daily, be okay? for example doing 100 reps in the morning and 100 before bed? thanks


You answered your own question in your first sentence.


yeah but since rear delts are such a small muscle, i was wondering if this still applies


Sorry, I wasn't clear enough.


"i know your big on doing as much work as possible, without hindering your ability to recover"



he's trying to tell you that it is ok to do it as long as you don't do it too much that you can't recover from the work that you are doing. it's not hard to understand.


since this kind of training is okay, how long after doing lets say a back day, would i be able to incorporate this extra work?


I would say if you are worried about recovery (and I think you are hearing the responses but not really listening :slightly_smiling: ) the best thing to do would be to do them ON back day.

IMO if you "overtrain" by doing band pulls then you were so "on the cusp" of overtraining that it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Individual muscles don't cause overtraining (or, overtraining as most see it), systemic (read: nervous system) fatigue causes overtraining (again, as most see it). If it were muscular, then distance runners would only be able to run once every 2 weeks, while one would be able to squat 1 set to failure 7 days per week.

FYI, nervous system stress does not just come from training. Try not to worry so much about this little stuff:

-your workouts are not either "perfect" or "failures"
-you can always change your workouts
-you are never going to find the workout that works for you every time your whole life. I've been training for 30+ years. I can absolutely assure you of that. :slightly_smiling:


I think it would be better doing iso holds with the band pull aparts for time rather than reps.

you lift for reps every time you lift weights. So if you are doing extra work, why not change it up?


I want to say im almost certain that band pull aparts are more for scapular stabalization IE rhomboids etc.. muscle that pull your scapula togethor and down.. I would worry less about rear delt fatigue.


Just do it.

If you get get sore do less.


Hmm, I always say, "If you get sore, Eat more"


Perfect quote, I like that


I do band pull aparts every day... an easy way to warm up the shoulders and back in the morning and work on improving posture


I like to use band pull aparts as active rest during pressing complexes. works great for me


Same here.

try isometric holds if you haven't already.