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Band Pull Apart Form Check


Attached is a video of me doing band pull aparts. My concern is that my scaps may be winging too much. Does the exercise become uneffective if the scaps are winging? Are my scaps indeed winging too much?

My goal by doing band pull aparts is postural correction by the way.




lol this thread is funny... dude, just pull apart with the shoulder blades, simple...


I wasnt sure if the exercise would become counter productive if the scapulae were winged.


Not sure about the winging thing but like PBandy said. Pull with the shoulder blades.. It looks like your pulling more with your arms. Try initiating the movement by retracting your shoulder blades first. Really focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together.


haha! i was thinking to myself 'what?? is this dude serious?? it isn't like it is a snatch or something...'

but you should see me obsess about my form on rows and chin-ups :-/


This reminds me of Monthy Pyton.

Take the holy rubber band in thy left hand. Now, tKe the other end of the holy rubber band in thy right hand....