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Band Pistols/Step-Ups?

What do you guys think about adding a band to stepups or pistols. If i do BW, the bottom of the movement is difficult, but i have to hold back to prevent jumping at the top.

Stepups are great, and i can add a lot of weight to them, but that still doesn’t help strengthen that bottom position as much.

So i was thinking a resistance band would be good, but am not sure how to do it. The Bands I have access to are not the big loops like people use for benching and squatting. They either are a straight piece, or a tube with two handles.

So either way I know the band will go under my foot, but should i cross my arms on my chest or what?

I was thinking if i get a longer loop band, i can have it go behind my neck much like a barbell would be.


Why hold back with the pistols? Why not jump at the top?

I can see benefits to both methods, cycle them both

I second soupandspoons suggestion. Just jump. I jump at the top of my pistols and squats.

kk, i’ll give em a try.