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Band-Only Deadlifts?

Is there any point in doing deadlifts with only band resistance and going heavy buy using multiple bands? Would that increase strength and how that would transfer to regular deadlifts?

You’d need some pretty thick bands to get much out of that. Do you have any dumbbells? Even lighter ones, when combined with a band could help at least a little bit. Banded good mornings or banded squats might work better. I wouldn’t expect your DL to have improved much (or at all) directly from banded DL’s but you can probably try to at least maintain it.

Better than nothing. If u can buy a length of pipe of something at the hardware store u can DIY yourself a hip hinge movement.

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Main issue is load at the bottom, or lack of. You’d need to get enough heavy enough bands to generate a useful degree of load at the bottom; and that may end up creating too much tension at the top.

From memory doubled mini bands will add around 100 lbs at the top, with very little at the bottom. I would guess heavy bands would add 200 lbs at the top at the very least, so if you set them to generate significant tension at the bottom you could be looking at well over 400 lbs at the top.

Likely what would happen if you found a way to set it up would be you’d be training lockout only.

Maybe could work better if you set up isometric bottom position as well.

What you need is like a 6 foot tall platform to stand on with the bands attached to the bottom, and a bunch of bands. That way you can pre-stretch the crap out of them so that you have some decent load at the bottom, but since you aren’t doubling up the bands the change in tension from bottom to top shouldn’t be as dramatic (I think).

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At 2:45 this guy shows a band deadlift.

He talks about using a slightly wide stance, and how you’ll get more band tension that way. With your feet wider there is less band between the floor and your hands, so more tension. Then he grabs the “loops” of the bands to do the deadlift.

To take out more slack he could grab the bands lower, closer to the floor, like chocking up on them. That way he could get mondo tension, including pretty good resistance at the bottom.

I guess you can’t get more tension that your body weight, but it can feel like a lot.