Band Manual.

I ordered my bands from elite around midnight on the day they were giving these away so I missed the free manual was wondering if anyone out there got one and might care to share somehow?

I was wondering this same thing. Is elite going to do this again sometime?

They said they would be offering other manuals, but I would like to get me hands on this one.

I got the manual. I ordered my bands the day before the offer came out, I sent EFS customer service an Email with my order number and asked if I could get the manual and they sent it with my order.

I’m with you there. Anyone?

Perhaps someone could put it into pdf format…

the manual is great. however if you poke around the FAQ and articles and q&a at elitefts, you will find pretty much all of the info in the manual. the manual just put it all together nice and neat and was an awesome freebie to get for ordering some bands.

I would be willing to do a temp trade, say CT’s Black Book…

If anybody put it in pdf format on here, I would be unbelievably appreciative. Please…