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Band Floor Press Set Up


does anyone have any ideas on how to set this up? I can't fit the bands under the bottom post of the power rack so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on setup?


Have someone push up on the front of the rack and slip the bands under. Its a bit tough but thats how I have to loop bands under some of the racks at my gym. Basically take the rack from sitting flat like this --- and have someone push on the front so it tips like this \ (obviously not that extreme LOL)


Depending how much band tension you have you can loop it under a heavy dumbell. To keep the db from rolling just put a plate on either side of the handle like this OIO


Do you have band pegs?


i use chains on floor press, dont have to fight to find a place to attach bands that way.


yeah i think im just going to acquire chains and use those. I dont feel like tipping a rack or dragging dumbells across the gym to set it up. Thanks for all the help though!