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Band Exercises For Back?

Hi CT,

I am currently following a push/pull/leg split using one of your older recommended rep schemes (3x6+3x3 or 3,2,1). I know you used to advocate using resistance bands as brilliant back builders. Could you suggest a couple of exercises i could integrate to add to my program and where i could add them in (position/ Frequency)

Many Thanks

Hull2012, I’m not CT but I use bands frequently in my training. I use them for standing overhead barbell presses and just started using them for snatch grip high pulls. The overhead presses work my traps as well as delt’s and the snatch grip high pulls really works my back. [I did them yesterday–the 12th, so check out my log if you want.] I really like training with bands and will continue to use them as much as I can in the future.

Hi Germanicus,

Wow, snatch grip high pull with bands. That must take them to another level comlpetely. What i had more in mind was exercises such as pull aparts, pull downs and iso holds. The reason I am asking is that recently im trying to intergrate more barbell lat exercises e.g. CT’s snatch row from a while back. but i am really struggling to get the mind muscle connection. I was hoping that i could utilise resistances bands through iso holds etc to try and improve the contraction of my lats and the mind muscle connection.

Thanks again germanicus

Hull2012, there is a web site that features nothing but band work. A guy by the name of Dave Schultz runs it–goes by the moniker of the resistance band guy. He has a lot of videos but lately he’s gotten into selling stuff–bands, courses, etc., but his site still has videos.

Google resistance band training dave schultz and you should be able to track him down. I’m having a brain fart, on top of being a computer idiot, or I could give better info. But the google route I suggested should lead you to the site.