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Band Deadlifting Help


Ok so my gym doesnt have one of those fancy ass deadlift platforms at my gym, and when I put bants on the power rack, they dont work (dont know how to do it right so they are tight from the beginning, if that makes sence) We have 100 pound weights in the gym, can I tie the bands to those?


Im sure elite has some sort of video to cover this. Not to be a dick, but why are you using bands if you are deadlifting in the 400's?


Try it. See what happens.

Are they hex dumbells? If they're round, they'll roll.


brauny. Your avatar looks veeerrry familiar.


oh yeah I forgot mikey, in the "rule book" theres a fuckin rule that says if you "dont deadlift over 500 then dont worry about bands". fuckin dipshit.


The guy in the squatRx videos has a t-shirt of it.

And Brauny, I have never deadlifted with bands, but there was a thread a while ago about this. Ill try and find it later, but, someone suggested you choke the band onto the middle of the bar, and then put the other end of the band under your feet.

The only problem I see with this is that the band will choke to tight, and you wont get any resistance out of it. In that case, you probably shouldnt choke it, just grip it with your hands.


Yeah, I know. I know the guy(Boris)in the SquatRx vids and own one of those T's he made. I try to wear it on leg day.




If you want to use bands then do it after pulling straight weight as an assistance movement. Ive used reverse band deadlifts before, no sub for the real thing in my experience.


Bands aren't going to make or break you, so don't torture yourself trying to figure it out. Bands are more helpful to powerlifters who lift in suits, because they overemphasize the top-end. If you're a regular athlete I'm not sure how much they're going to help you.


i just slide the band under the power rack. but that's hard to put it on words.

i need my morning coffee.


Just double up some mini bands around some heavy dumbbells and put a 25# plate in fron of the D.B.'S to keep them from rolling.

The bands will make you fast off the floor. Often times this will make or break a deadlift. Setting a minimum pound limit is crazy IMHO. Yes this technique may benefit a geared lifter more but being fast is better for anyone.

I believe I read somewhere that no one lifted a heavy weight slowly..ponder that for a min.

Grip and rip dude...


yeah thats why I want to use bands is for more speed off the floor, and I like to use some methods from westside and mix things up every week, and usuing bands is a good idea. I know why I am usuing them, and i know that I am getting benifit out of them, I was just seeing if anyone has come up with some crafty ideas.


This may be crafty...or just too much set up, but here we go:

Set your bar up in front of the rack and choke the bands around the front two posts.
Run the bands over your bar and choke them around the two 100's with the 25# plate to prevent rolling.
Set the DB's far enough away from the rack that so there's enough tension in the bands at the beginning (depending on the band strength you shouldn't have to go too far so there shouldn't be a space issue for fussy gym managers, etc).


This one requires the next heaviest DB's as well:
Set up the 2 pairs of DBs where you want the bands to run over the bar. Slide the bands under the posts and even out the loops of the band and run the bar through the loops. The starting tension will be determined by the distance between the posts of the two DB's you're using.

Perhaps the reverse band deadlift would be the easiest one to set up. You still need to accelerate the weight from the floor to get it past the point where the band stops acting on the bar.