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Band & Box Squat?


I did a bit of searching here and on elitefts for pictures of the set up of bands when doing box squats. Are they anchored in line with your feet when you are standing or are they set deeper back where you would be while sitting on the box? Im assuming they should be in line with the feet. Thanks in advance


When you sit back on the box, the bar should stay in the same path. Not moving backwards.

To answer your question, by your feet.



As I understand it, when you sit back the bar will be going in a down and back direction with the rest of the body, instead of in a traditional squat where the groove of the bar is more up and down.


Someone correct me if im wrong but i think the bar stays in a straight down motion rather than a down and back motion explained above. the only thing differant is that you kind of stick your ass out and back onto the box and your upper body compensates fot this making the bar stay in a straight line.


no the bar should go straight up and down, just like a regular squat.