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Band Bench Press


i have mini shortbands(EFS)...and everytime i use them with bench press it seems that my 1rm(calculations) reduces as the weights get heavier and reps lower...why do you think this is please?
so lets say when i perform 6rm my 1rm(calculated) would be 100 and when i perform 2rm the estimation would have dropped to 95 *not including bands of course


Is this a real question? You are trying to calculate your one rep max on a band press? Why?


Because it is an estimation that is almost never right. Find your 1RM and you'll probably be sadly disappointed compared to the calculation.


Am I reading this right? You are asking why it is harder and gets heavier when you add bands to bench?



no thats not what im asking....lets say if i can bench 80 for 6 reps and with 85 i can only do 2 reps.....all im asking is maybe someone can explain if there is a weak link why this happens when i have the bands...when i dont have bands as the reps get lower my estimated 1rm increases


all im saying is that if im benching without bands and using lets say 80 and going for 6 reps, i would be able to go to 85 for at least 4 reps...but with the bands attatched if i manage with 80 6reps if i bump the weight up to 85 i would only manage 2 reps.....im trying to figure out if there is some sort of weak area that i might need to work on tats all


I'll attempt to figure this out. You are calculating the top of the lift with bands to be 85 and can only hit two. My guess is your calculations are off. Normally bands get exponentially heavier as the tension increases, not linear. You probably are off a bit in your stroke and the bench movement isn't the same as when not using bands.

Basically the bands are adding more resistance than you think. Your form is a bit off probably and you don't come off your chest fast enough. You slow down half way through or just don't explode off the chest.

Then again I don't use bands as a ME tool, more as a DE tool.


I think what he's saying, is this:

No bands, I can get 80 for 6 and 85 for 4.

With bands, I can get 70 for 6 and 75 for 2.

Yes, I am making up random numbers. Just trying to translate here. So he is saying, why do his max reps decrease; that is, the decline on the graph of the ratio of weight:reps with bands is steeper than the decline on the ratio of weight:reps without bands.

I'd wager it's because bands are harder on you than straight weight. You have to fight the pull, getting set up is harder, there's probably more CNS involvement, etc.

But I'm just an internet expert.


Ooh, yeah, the bands at the top are 90, instead of 85, that's why he gets two. Maybe?

Anyway, I too use them as DE rather than ME, at least for bench.


Ah I see...I think.

I guess my answer is just that bands are rough, and you cant really calculate with em. I usee em and love em.


yes exactly like what pushmepullme said...so i should forget trying to calculate how much weight to put on the bar and rather just feel it!!


This is what I do. I don't use bands all the time, so sometimes I don't have my records of what I used the last time. When I use em, I just get under there and see how it feels and add or remove weight as necessary.


Oh, I see you just wanted a woman to tell you what to do. (joke)