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Band Bench Press


When you put the dumbells on the side do you wrap it in a loop to increase tension or put half on the dumbell but I have the mini and supermini one so it not that long and if I use the half method it could be too much tension or break.? So using the wrap around method work and put 2 dumbells next to each other to increase tension. IS that how you are supposed to do it?


Uh, what?


How do I set up the band. I looked on elitefts but it shows a blurry pic.


How do i increase tension cause today I just put a dumbell next to the bench and the resistince was nothing. I know I am doing something wrong. Am I supposed to wrap the band around the dumbell somehow?


Put the bands under the DB handles, both ends around each end of the barbell and cinched up to the inner collar. Plates butt against the bands. Another DB may be needed to go over the top of the setup. Doubling the bands is the way to go for benching. Bands are tougher to recover from, use them every other week at most.

Good luck.


Double the minis for bench. Sometimes i bench in the power rack and triple the bands. that works good.


choke it, or hook it to dumbell, loop it over with both sides if you can understand that, then bring it down and loop it against to the db so you will have 2x


Here's an image of what was said above.


That's how i set them up in a commercial gym. I anchor the 'bells with plates as well cos they tend to roll around if you don't.


here's how i do them. i use 100lb plates and lean them against the rack.


marauder thats actually a really cool idea. normally i go through the handle of a plate and throw a 25 on top of it to keep it from moving around. im going to try that.
on a side note, why the slow eccentric? personal preference? just never seen speed work done like that. just curious.


i train the way that i compete. i row the weight down under control and then explode off my chest with the built up tension in the lats. that's impossible to do if i just drop down really fast. plus, changing direction really fast tears my shoulders up. i think it tears a lot of people's shoulders up as well.




i like the reasoning behind that marauder. i feel like shit in the hsoulders especially after a DE day with bands. I'm going to try that slow controlled row down with an explosive reversal.


i know that this isn't exactly what this thread is about but i have the same joint problems with regular band bench so i started doing reverse band bench, set up a bench in a squat rack and wrap the bands around the top of the rack or set up the safety bars really high and wrap the bands around them and then wrap the other ends around the bar collars, it's roughly the same idea as band bench but much much easier on the joints and you can get a better idea of how much weight is on the bar at the chest and the top. it's really helped out my bench.


theee are not roughly the same idea. but i can appreciate your attempt to help the OP out.


I'd agree with this. Bands can beat you up. I realised after a while why Louie says in his articles to use them for 3 weeks, then switch to chains or straight weight. I also found that ballistic benching (discussed in several Westside articles) did not agree with me. My form went and my shoulders hurt. I now prefer a controlled decent, followed by an explosive concentric motion.

Also, one breath for 3 reps on all bench speed work helped my form immensely.


be careful.. you might have an aneurism:)


Ya thanks I used that method and had a harder time. this is off topic kind off but since bands are harder to recover from i can not do my 5rm for 2 weeks and then 3 rm for 2weeks on one excerise like I usually do?


I am also doing the wsfsb template and it says 2 weeks of failure and 2 weeks of bodybuilding phase which if you do not know is 4 sets of 10to 12 not going to failure and I am in 2week of failure while doing bands. I did 3 sets supplemental of failure barbell pushups and 5rm in bandbench pressing for ME UB.and in rep upper body I did rest pause with bands. Close grip,index finger grip,medium grip,normal grip with 3 reps eaach and resting 10 seconds but did not go to failure.