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Bananas post-workout?

How much of the carb content in a banana is fructose, glucose and dextrose?

Dunno, but keep in mind that dextrose is essentially glucose. I suspect it might just be a different name for it.

dextrose is D-glucose…but why do you need to know…glucose is converted to fructose anyway in its metabolic cycle…so i would think that they’re essentially interchangeable…if you know otherwise i’d like to hear about it

The fructose can only be stored (after being converted to glycogen) in the liver. Full liver stores are a good trigger for fat gain (once I learned that, this whole game became much easier).

Glucose, on the other hand, can be used post-workout to directly refill the glycogen stores in the muscle.


I would also like to know which other fruits are good post workout( I live in South Africa were fruits are DIRT CHEAP)?
Obviously bananas and grapes, but how about papaya for example?


I’m not flaming, but why not do an internet search? I’m sure there are plenty of sites out there that know. I mean, the only way I could help you would be to do the search myself. If you want to add to the forum knowledge, you should post your findings, though!

I was always under the impression you wanted pure glucose / malto post workout with very little fiber, because fiber slows gastric emptying. Bananas have fiber. Way back when there was a discussion about fructose post workout and the concensus was to drink 12 oz of pineapple juice to fill the liver stores then supp with a malto / glucose / protein drink. When I run out of cash I use Gatorade and one serving of grow. But cut all the bullshit and just buy Surge. Nix the fibar and fat post workout.

I’m with Kali on this one. Fiber will slow down gastric emptying and consuming fat and protein immediate post workout will slow down glucose absorption as well. Which is why it is recommended that immediate post training is glucose or other high glycemic carbs followed by a protein carb moderate fat meal 60-90 minutes later.

Although I am a big fresh fruit advocate for overall health, it’s not the best post workout snack because it will not provide you with the insulin surge you are looking for to speed recovery and enhance anabolism.

How is liver glycogen depleted? What else besides fructose fills up the liver? And in what order (i.e. malto goes to muscles first, then to the liver, etc.)? You mentioned that things got a lot easier once you figured out how fructose is handled by the body, so I’m just curious. Thanks.

Liver glycogen is depleted by 1. extended low carb diet. 2. doing aerobic activities of long duration. Fructose doesnt fill up the liver at all, the only thing stored in the liver is glycogen (the storage form of glucose). Fructose is eventually converted to glucose. within the body, which may then in turn be stored in the liver as glycogen given the right conditions.

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Fructose (and galactose) are shuttled to the liver in without insulin. Once there, they are enzymatically converted into glucose and then probably converted to glycogen (because of the other sugars you’ve consumed while eating the fructose).

There’s a thread regarding liver glycogen out there already, so please look it up.

When the liver is full, there’s no “buffer” for excess carb calories. For example, post-workout you want to be eating more carbs than you burned (if you’re bulking) so that you ensure that you’ve filled the muscle stores. If the liver is full, extra carbs will be converted into fat. If the liver is not full, then the extra carbs will be stored there.

The liver is a little depleted after you wake up, and you always want some carbs there because the brain uses carbs as its only/primary fuel source.

Keep on reading, keep on learning.

When you’re dieting, you don’t really have to worry too much about the liver being a little full, because your body will be constantly tapping it for glucose anyway - it won’t stay full for long. But, when bulking, it’s very easy to top off the liver stores and never really drain them.