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Banana PWO

Caught a friend of mine eating a banana after his workout (along with his whey shake). Told him it was not optimal due to relatively slow absorption, comparing to the whey/malt/dext combo (surge is not available here), and due to the fructose in fruits (replenishing liver glicogen instead of muscle glicogen). Then I realized I wasn’t sure if bananas did contain fructose. Do they? By the way, this guy also told me that when out of bananas, he used dates or raisins (both also high on GI). Your thoughts?

i eat bananas as PWO as well as dextrose/maltodextrin. fructose is not the only sugar in fruit. plus, fruit has loads of good stuff in it so i have no problem eating them PWO.
i may be wrong but you have got to eat your fruit some time.


yes it is fruit therefore it has fructose.

1 large banana= ~ sucrose=3.25g

Hope that helps.


bikeboy - got no problem eating fruits, aand lots of them, anytime but PWO. It’s well known that fructose is not good for you PWO, besides the fact solid foods (including fruits) are absorbed slower than awll knows PWO drinks. All I needed to know was whether bananas included fructose, as other fruits did.

Phill - thanks; That’s the info I was after.

“Now, on to food choices. For the most part, I prefer my clients ingest liquid proteins and medium-high glycemic carbs during this hour-long overfeeding. Trust me, it?s just easier that way. There are scads of variations that’ll work, but for carbs I prefer: Gatorade, cereals, bagels, raisins, and bananas. For protein, any 50/50 combination of Grow! and whey protein powders work well.”

the above was taken from Chad Waterbury’s “branding iron” article in t-mag issue 298. he is talking about food choices for the second pwo feeding. Now i am not saying he is definitely right, but he does have alot of experience in this area. personally i eat my bananas about 1 hour after the end of the workout.

Bike bananas are great for the first meal PWO. What we are talking about here is the immediate PWO shake that is meant to curb the old catabolic bug. Fructose just is’nt optimal. Better to have malto or dextrose.

Then grub down the banana 45-60mins later with your PWO meal.


no disagreement from me there.

So high GI foods would be preferable for the post-post-workout meal too, as opposed to chugging down a load of oats for example?

i think high to medium GI carb sources.

I do maltodextrin and banana in my pwo shake. Actually, I’m drinking it now…


since banana has soluble fiber, eating eat rigt after the workout might stall gastric emptying and lower the rate of glucose released to the blood stream.

if youre looking for the best recovery protocol, it’s not it. it’s good for your post-post workout meal (solid meal)

Yo Spankman ma nishma.
Yep I knew that - just had to persuade my friend there. Wasn’t sure about the fructose either.

save the banana for 2nd meal post. plus CW aint a diet guru he’s a SC

you are quite right of course. bananas are great for the second pwo meal but not so great for first pwo meal. no argument there. i think that CW probably knows more than most about nutrition for hard training individuals.

I gotta through in a second on CW probably knowing quite a bit about diet/nutrition. While it may not be his focus, I am sure he has taken the time to learn, and has the real world experience he could hold his own with most nutritionist.

But yes, eat your Banana’s, immediate pwo if you really want to. Just know they might not be your very best choice, and are better saved for your first solid meal.


I did recommend bananas for the 2nd post-workout meal, not the first.


Banana, raisins, etc are more than sufficient for the second post-workout meal.

But what the hell do I know? I’m a SC guy, remember?

So you recommend high GI foods for the second PWO meal?