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Banana Pudding


Yes, banana pudding needs its on thread.

I know there will be at least 4 pans of it at my moms house tommorrow. I'm trying to figure out a way to transport them from the fridge to the garage.

I will also need a way to clean up afterwards because obviously I won't have eating untensils.....no no, if you plan on eating multiple pans of pudding it must be done savagely.

I'm going to eat it in such a rage that not only will my face and hands be covered in the sweetness...the walls and ceiling too as I fling it from the pan into my mouth...oh the fury.

And how will I hide my laughing? Or prevent myself from falling into a banana and wafer induced slumber?

Any help?




Banana pudding deserves no thread unless it has vanilla wafers.

And yes, I plan on consuming large quantities.


I don't understand you when you post pics and no words.

Use your words hillbilly.


Not good at reading "the signals" huh? Or you've just never seen a look like that before?


I refuse to believe anyone has ever made one with no nila wafers. I don't even want to think about such an event.


Fuck you Rock!

you know that I had a BAD encounter with 'Naner pudding when I was a kid!

I shake like a dog shitting peach pitts whenever I hear someone mention it.

you know that, damn you!

I hate you for this thread, you bastard!


I duess its a signal thing.

I interpret all non related female facial expressions as want to give me a blowjay.



Whoa whoa whoa

Wanna share the pudding nightmare?


Wtf does that mean?



@Beans- I don't know what the hell that pic is from, but I laughed so hard when I saw it! -lol



Kids today Rock get the blowjay with the pudding. That was the picture.


lol, means nothing. Just a funny banana picture I've been sitting on, you made a thread about banana's so I jumped on the chance to use that pic.


No one can survive eating pudding while being blown.

Medically its impossible. You should know this.


Glad I could help release that from your mind.


They eat while giving blowjay, you eat while at the Y.



That's going in the analogy folder.


Hahaha!! Awesome!


I hate how it makes the Nilla Wafers all soggy. Nothing is worse than a soggy wafer.