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Banana Low-Carb Grow! Recipe

Here’s a great Banana Low-Carb Grow! mixture:

  • Banana Low-Carb Grow! (amount to suit needs)
  • milled flax seeds (amount to suit needs)
  • 1 pack of stevia (you can get it fortified with FOS)

Add this into a bowl and add a minimal amount of water, just enough to stir. It will come out as almost a pudding-type mixture. Amazingly, it tastes like banana nut bread! I’ve had co-workers see me make it and be grossed out when they hear what it is (because, you know, it’s actually good for you) and then they walk up to it and can’t believe how good it smells. I may actually try to bake it someday and really get it to be like banana nut bread. But, for those of you on the Velocity Diet or who do a lot of protein and flax meals, this one is outstanding.

Now if I can figure out a good cookies and cream without having to add real cookies and real cream, I’ll post that too!

Grow! is like the magic ingredient, you can do anything with it! I just add some plain or vanilla yogurt and blend it. Add a fruit bits and it’s the perfect ‘sour cream’ mix to put on pancakes or waffles or what have you.