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Banana Grow!

Alright, who’s had this stuff??? I just tried it for the first time yesterday.
Is it good???
Lets put it this way… i had one shake last night, one when i woke up in the morning, was craving it all day until I finally had another one at about 2 o’clock, and Im definitely having another before i go to bed. This stuff is awesome!!! The only other protein supplement that has even come close to tasting this good is Surge, and thats a totally different thing.
I didnt even think i would like a banana flavored protein…
so anyway, my point is If you havent tried the banana Grow! yet, you gotta try it out.

Damn, I just receive every OTHER flavor of Grow! and Surge today. I’ll have to wait unitl next time I order to get some Banana. I’m starting the Velocity Diet tomorrow and I’ve never tried ANY of the flavors. Hope they’re good.

I just had my first taste of Banana Grow! and I love it! It is so good.

Agreed. I just ordered it for the first time, and something that tastes this good seems like it should NOT be good for you, but since it is Grow!, you know it is.

Kudos again Biotest.

Banana tastes great. So does the strawberry.

I had a Banana Grow! shake this morning in fat free milk with a banana added in. Too delicious for words!

Alas, I should have selected Banana instead of Orange Cream in my latest order of Grow! Oh well, next month I’ll get to try Banana!

Damn this stuff is good!!! I’m not crazy about bananas, but this tastes like banana pudding. Between me and my wife, the first can went fast. So, I ordered 3-cans. I am on the Velcoity Diet, and the banana flavor is my reward for staying on the diet. So far, I have lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. Based upon % BF, 99% of the weight loss is fat. Thanks to Biotest!!!

I just ordered for the first time. How long does it take you guys to get your Low-Carb Grow!?

I have to say the banana taste is a bit much for me. I am the biggest fan of the orange though. However…and I do say however…sometimes I do mix the banana Low-Carb Grow! with vanilla Classic Grow! Then, it tastes like banana pudding to me, yum. I like the best of both worlds.

Low-Carb Grow! in general is the best protein shake. Period. I flex my triceps now, and the muscle is so dense and hard it feels like bone. I never had that until I put away another brand of whey protein and picked up Grow! Its the best.

Do I get any free Grow! for that???

One thing I should have mentioned earlier is how much I enjoy mixing two different flavors in my shakes. I almost always use 2 scoops, and now that I have 4 different flavors in my possession I can have a slightly different flavor every day of the week. Tried choco and banana last night, its great.

Banana runs out the fastest at my house. I think that tells you something. Try banana with strawberry, one scoop each. Best protein shake ever.

i fucking love the banana cream Low-Carb Grow!. Teh orange cream is really good too, strawberry is not my favorite. But that banana shit is some kind of tasty. the amazing thing is how creamy it is even though you mix it only with water.

Here is the break down of Grow! flavors:
Vanilla - Very Good
Chocolate - Very Nasty
Banana - Good
Orange Cream - Very Good
Strawbery - OK

That’s my take. I am still waiting for N.Y. Strip flavored Grow!

opened up Orange Cream Low-Carb Grow! and sniffed… “whew” but tried it anyway. tastee on a whole new level. damn sniffer


One scoop Banana Cream, one scoop Chocolate. Best combo yet.

Banana Cream Low-Carb Grow! is great. I usually have my Chocolate Grow! with some peanut butter (chilled of course). I tried Banana and peanut butter last night and it is almost better than the Chocolate one.

I do not like the Strawberry one that much. And Orange Cream tastes like ice cream.


I think the Orange Cream Low-Carb Grow! tastes just like a creamsicle. Yum!

I just got my Banana Grow and Vanilla Grow in today. First of all, it took no time for my order to come in. Secondly, this stuff tastes awesome. Somebody posted that it reminded them of drinking pudding. I got the same impression. This stuff is good and I think I’m hooked! My thanks to everybody that suggested this stuff to me.

[quote]machine514 wrote:
Banana Cream Low-Carb Grow! is great. I usually have my Chocolate Grow! with some peanut butter (chilled of course). I tried Banana and peanut butter last night and it is almost better than the Chocolate one.


Chocolate+banana+peanut butter = Orgasmic