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Banana Flavor Metabolic Drive


Just got my first order in of Metabolic Drive Banana flavor.
I'll keep it simple:
Best I have ever tasted. Hands down.
No aftertaste or stomach upset either.

9 out of 10 protein powders I have tried in the past made my stomach feel uneasy but I feel fantastic at the moment (and I had two shakes in the last hour).

Also, delievery was very fast and a big thank you for the free protein bar, I really liked that one too. Ate like a sweet tasting meal not like a candy bar. Great job.

I have not used protein powder for a long time due to my sensitive digestive system and I ordered one just because I really wanted to try it again and also to support the website but wow...what a pleasant surprise.

I also ordered the Trib Gold and Spike for the first time. Looking great as well!
I'll post an update on that too.



Yup, banana is my fav. Orange is great mixed in with cottage cheese. Chocolate makes a great shake. Vanilla is pretty good as well, when you want to switch things up. The strawberry is a little too sweet for me, but it's not bad.


Orange with Cottage Cheese, huh?
Great suggestion. My next order will have some Orange, I am sure. Sounds like a great meal before bedtime.



Try mixing bananana and strawBarry. Throw in some frozen fruit... okay, I need a shake now.


Banana is by far the best for mixing with just water and ground flax...



I love the "monkey shake"; banana protein, a real banana, and a pack of carb control banana nutbread instant oatmeal. Best I've ever had. Mixed with some Carb Countdown milk and left sitting in the fridge all day, it turns into great banana pudding.

It took me a long time to finally try the orange Metabolic Drive. Like the girl next to me at work said: "Orange protein powder? Eeew!" Well, mixed with milk you get a taste exactly like a creamsicle.

She was amazed when she tried the monkey shake and the orange. Great stuff! Orange Metabolic Drive is on my shopping list now.


Banana rules! I make it into pudding and add 1/2 cup of walnuts. And delivery was fast-the second day after ordering. Sorry, but on the other hand I don't like the chocolate.


Sweet Lord,

I just finished my 6th serving. That stuff is amazing. I couldn't help myself and even had a double scoop in fat free milk after my work out.

And, sigh, my wife and son love it as well. They both had a shake with frozen bananas...crap now I have to share it :slight_smile:

By the way, just had my fist Spike..oh momma...that's...that's some goooood stuff too..I did 12 more sets in an hour and just could not make myself tired. Neither could I wipe the stupid grin of my face :slight_smile:

By the way, David, loved your latest article!



Don't encourage Dave. He's just a shill for the Pop-Tart industry.


HaHa, yeah the backlash he got from that was great. I totally understand where he is coming from though.
When I started working out I was 116 (yep, one hundred and sixteen) lbs at 6'1" and I had to resort to those kind of tactics to gain even the littlest amount of weight.