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Ban on Organic and Backyard Gardening?


Anybody heard about this?

One of my wife's friends on her gardening forums posted this there:

Could be BS, I haven't heard and haven't had a second to check yet, but it sure wouldn't surprise me.


First off, Tulsa is a city governed by a city council, not house and senate. Second, as far as Oklahoma state government, there is no HR875 pending and SB425 has nothing to do with organic gardening.


Your wife's friend can take off her tin foil hat and go back to sleep.


These are federal house and senate resolutions that do in fact exist.

I don't jump to conclusions and like I say in the first post. "Could be BS.". I don't know and was wondering if anybody had heard. It doesn't take a tin foil hat to suspect the worst of these freedom hating tyrants, but it also isn't credible report falsely which I am not doing. I'm asking if anybody has read the resolutions. They're up on Thomas, but I just heard about them.


Please let it be not true. They couldn't possibly stoop that low.... could they?


Try planting cannabis and see what happens.

On a slightly related topic, the Obamas are growing their own.


With this administration and congress it wouldn't suprise anyone if it came to a vote.


Why aren't the child welfare agencies up in arms about the White House's proposal to use child slave labor to do all the work?


Yeah, I heard about the Whitehouse garden, but politicians never follow the same rules they set for the rest of us anyway.

What's being alleged by some is that at the behest of major AG outfits, food production would be regulated to the point of making it either prohibitively expensive or outright illegal for anybody but them to do it.

I don't find it hard to believe that they would try this. I do find it somewhat hard to believe that if it were as being alleged that at least some major news outlets would be reporting it somewhere. I got a chance to give a cursory perusal of the house version which is huge, but I haven't had time to really dig in. Here it is at govtrack. The thomas searches expire when you go back to them.



Correct. HR-875 is federal, not state.


Interesting trivia: this bill was introduced by Democratic Congresstwat Rosa de Lauro of Connecticut, who happens to have a husband who works for Monsanto, that fine organization that patented the pig.

Argentum sequor.


The World According to Monsanto

I can't imagine a corporation that hates organic agriculture more than the one that makes its fortune through genetically modified seeds, chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

This has been true for ten thousand years: he who controls the food controls the world.


"Pssst... never let a crisis go to waste!"

And if you're wondering where you've heard the name "Rosa de Lauro" before, recall that she's the one who let Rahm Emanuel sleep on her couch when he went to Washington.

And Rahm, you will recall, is the one who reminds us to never let a crisis go to waste. Even one involving peanut butter.


You said it first, but this is the very first thing that came to mind after a quick glance at the house version. If the broad sweeping regulations that are being alleged are factual this is exactly the case. I can hear it now.

That would mean mandated pesticides, antibiotics, irradiation, genetically manipulated seeds etc. and stiff penalties for anybody found out of compliance.

The summaries I've read say that it outlaws long standing practices, not by declaring them illegal, but by declaring the regulated versions as the only ones that ARE legal.

Like saying, nowhere does this bill say that tennis shoes would be illegal, it just says that only loafers ARE legal. In essence only those ag super corps with tons of money and close federal ties would possibly be able to comply.

There aren't enough hours in a day for me to do all the crap I'm dealing with at the moment already.

And yes, controlling agriculture and food production is classic totalitarian tactics. I don't now that that's the case here, but again, it sure wouldn't surprise me.


Where are the nay sayers now?

It's funny how everybody was laughing at us years ago when we warned people about what is coming now...


The restriction of food production worked for Stalin. Certainly seems like Obama learned the lesson doesn't it?


..aren't those the consequences of the free market? These companies have every right to lobby for such a bill, and if you line the pockets of enough politicians it'll get through. It's madness ofcourse, but they are working the system, and since when are corporations ethical?


LOL. You motherfuckers are absolutely ridiculous.

The politics forum is no longer the home of sane people evidently. Stalin and Obama huh? Oh christ. Even I never went this far with Bush.

No wonder it's the same five guys here blowin each other every day.


And by the way, there will never be a bill passed that bans backyard gardening.

I worked in that industry for a long fuckin' time, and there's many millions upon millions based on people doing just that. It would drive entire segments of the population into bankruptcy.

Not to mention, over the entire time I was involved in the gardening industry, there was maybe 2 or 3 products that were banned because they were dangerous- and they were. One was Diazinon, and I don't remember what the other ones were. But it happened rarely.

The best part of all this is that for 8 years, Bush was listening to our phones, trying to track library book checkouts, banning songs from being played on the radio, invading foreign countries, demolishing the economy, and pitting American against American in the hunt for what was unamerican, and you all sat here and took it in the ass like good little sheep.

Now with Obama, this is the big scare?

yall motherfuckers are ridiculous.


How could anyone not like broccoli?

You know, back during the administration of George Bush the Elder, it came out that the President was not fond of broccoli.

"I do not like broccoli," quoth George, "and I haven't liked it since I was a little kid and my mother made me eat it. And I'm President of the United States and I'm not going to eat any more broccoli.?

Almost immediately, broccoli farmers sent truckloads of the stuff to the White House. Ten tons of broccoli from California alone.A veritable broccoli-o-rama

Barbara Bush had some (she likes broccoli), and the rest they donated to charity.

Anyway, it appears that Mr. Obama doesn't like beets.

When will the truckloads of beets descend upon Pennsylvania Avenue, one wonders.


Oh come on Irish you guys jacked each other off over Bush for 8 years and he never fucked up things as bad as Obama has in 60 days. If Bush tried 1/2 the shit the chosen one is supporting the collective liberal psyche would have been in full melt down.

This bill is a joke. Why should the government control food production.


If people don't protest this type of crap now it will be too late once it is passed by arguably the worst most unethical congress in history.


You mean Bankrupt like the coal industry? Do you really think driving large segments of the population into bankruptcy is a concern as long as it only effects the right people...you know like 90% tax on bonuses?