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Ban on Andro?

Wup fellas, just wanted to let you know that my local paper the Orlando Sentinel (who from what i understand had a helping hand in the ephedra ban/restriction) are now writing about Andro. Here’s a link if you would like the full story http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/orl-asecandro06120600dec06.story . Concerning the Ephedra, they published front page stories non-stop for a month…then low an behold I get an email from Biotest about the ban. Just thought I would tell you guys, i wouldnt be surprised if it gets banned soon. Now i have a dilemma buy Androsol, or go to the Seminar in Orlando. Being a broke college kid sucks like the easy girls in night clubs.

Hey chief, ephedra wasn’t banned,the substance in question is PPA,which is contained in MD-6. Go to the seminar. You stand a chance to win free product and you will learn things that in the long run will stay with you longer than the gains from a cycle or two of Androsol.

I read the article-pretty disturbing.It makes me want to stock up on Androsol by the case. We need to stay on top of these efforts and lobby effectively to maintain our rights as mature adults. Funny that lax parenting is never presented as an issue in the article. Seemingly a parent owes it to their child to know exactly what that child is putting in to their bodies. I know quite a bit about prohormones and what I know I researched myself. It appears what we have here is a case of needing the federal government to babysit and look out for, all the idiotic parents of this country who obviously can’t take care of their children themselves.Its re-goddamn-diculous!

Fucking Dumb Asses! I am sick and tired of hear that the FDA is doing a study to show…
Of coarse their dumb study is going to show just what they want it to show.

What a piece of Bullshit. I want to kick those dumbasses in the balls. First off they say that Andro is what helped Mark McGuire with his record stting season. I’m sure DHEA and Andro are the products giving him strength and an unusual amount of puffiness, not the steroids he uses.

Next they say that FDA is looking for reports of ill affects coming from Andro use. Might I mention that steroids have not killed anyone, so a little supplement 1/16th of the power will be less harmful. If you go bald or get gyno you are probably already genetically dispositioned to it anyways. Furthermore shall I mention the ill affects of taking too much iron? After this they say that teenagers are taking DHEA… hold on a minuite isn’t true that DHEA has no affect until you are 50 or so? Finally the last thing stated by some doctor is that he is finding use of performance enhancing drugs in young kids. All samantics aside, the doctor is reffering to real drugs not andro, besides banning Andro would no effect on these kids because they are using real drugs anyways. Lastly the real kicker to this article is that every andro product aside from Androsol, Norandrosol and perhaps a product using a cyclodextrin delivery system, SUCK… If the FDA did any real tests on Andro, aside from the above mentioned products, they would find it does not work! With orals the delivery system does not get enough into the blood to have an effect. These people should be shot or at least hit with blunt object.

This type of shit is sickening and disparaging.
They just love to look at it from such a narrow, over sensationalized point of view. It seems that there are so many sexually frustrated old bags out there with their oversized whitey tighties in quite a bunch. I would really love to see the intelligent step up to bat on this one and steroids while they/we are at it. Articles like the one comparing aspirin to steroids should be public knowledge. Can’t some of you fine fellas here at t-mag send off some of your articles to newspapers and T.V.? I’m thinking that it’s not going to do anyone any good if we just complain about it amoung ourselves. We know that there are doctors and other professionals out there who know what’s up. Maybe with some encouragement they will more and more willing to speak up.

By banning these substances I believe that they only encourage people who would normally not consider steriods to this steriod usage as the only reasonable aid to their goals.