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Ban Jason Baran

Jason Lives - Yeah, he can stay as he’s quite harmless. If you think about it he needs us more than we need him. We give him purpose in life. If he does have some kind of mental problem I see us as therapy, albeit he at times seems to be regressing into a chaotic mind.

He’s like a stray dog looking for a home. Look how much time he spends here. But why would you feed a stray cat if you don’t want it to stick around for scraps? He whines and we through him a scrap from our table, then he shits on our carpet.

Thanks to him, anyway, I'm more sure of my stances on life than ever before. Check out the movie Elizabeth (which should have beaten Shakespeare in Love for best Picture). Elizabeth, after killing all of those plotting against her allows the man who tried to seduce her to live as a reminder of how close she came to ruining herself.

We should keep Jason around to keep us mentally aware of how good we have it to have such positive views on our lives even though we may temporarily blame another race, culture, or sex for our shortcomings. After reading Jason we reflect and again refocus ourselves and see that maybe it is our attitude and perception of life casued by media, etc., that blinds us to the real problem, ourselves.

Anyway, by asking Testosterone to banish Jason would be like asking the gov't to make laws because of some trivial dislike, such as perfume in the workplace or smoking in bars (and I don't even smoke). We can handle this ourselves.